Leviathan Owl – Love for the Other

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The time has come! Leviathan Owl‘s second EP is finally here. As some of you might remember, I was pleasantly surprised by Andrew Scott’s debut under this moniker, and I was expecting its successor to be just as good. Well, fear not, for it is even better in every regards than last year’s Everything Will Be Fine.

Andrew keeps the flame and spirit of instrumental progressive metal alive with various odd time signatures, a varied choice of harmonies, and compelling riffs and beats that speak directly to your heart. It’s not cheesy, or if it is, it’s done tastefully and it actually serves the composition instead of being a crutch like it so often is. There is also quite a diversity of atmospheres going on, from the head-on heaviness of “Easter Island Head” to the charming “Murfy”, and the more contemplative “To the Lighthouse”.

The EP is just over twenty minutes long, which is fine, but it feels criminally short, thanks to the incredible compositions on display. Fortunately, you can fill that void with the band’s 2017 debut. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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Michael Avery
Edwin Hubble
Афазия Брока (Afaziya Broka)

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