Dalila Kayros – Transmutations, Part I: Yin Side

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Electronic music is underrepresented on this website. I acknowledge it and I try to change it, but when something worth posting about comes out, I find out only months later. I need better birds to chirp to me… But here we are, today, with Dalila Kayros‘ album Transmutations, Part I. I was unaware that the brilliant singer of avant-prog project Combat Astronomy had an even more amazing electronic music solo project going on.

Yin Side is an amazing avant-pop album in every regard. If you don’t mind the uncommon mode and breakbeat rhythms of “Cryptic”, then you will probably fall for the singer’s raw and emotional voice, and her melodic instinct. There is a lot of rhythmic experimentation going on on this album, even if not all songs are as untamed as the second track. This is super interesting and showcases one of the bright sides of electronic music that unfortunately is largely untapped.

Moreover, the sounds of this album are lush and full, if a bit cold. Everything feels slightly industrial, metallic, but the bass is deep and round, and the varied synths occupying the higher registre are diverse and sound really good. The percussions are quite minimalistic, but the kick kicks hard, and the other synthesized drums excel at their role — claps and snares, mostly — and everything, as aforementioned, is highly syncopated and utterly entrancing.

There are, in some places, uncanny similarities between Dalila’s voice and some passages of Björk, but, for the rest, she truly owns her style and timbre, and, especially, musical style. This is a jaw-dropping album. Heavy recommend!

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