Best of Progressive Metal 2021

The “progressive metal” category casts such a wide net that I had to subdivide it into several subcategories. So, instead of making a top 5 for every one of them, let’s see only the best concept album, the best experimental album, the best instrumental album, the best vocal album, the best prog-power album, and the best prog-thrash album from 2021!

Best Prog-Power: Æphanemer – A Dream of Wilderness

It’s got the cheese, it’s got the shredder, it’s got the pasta.

Best Prog-Thrash: Cryptosis – Bionic Swarm

Throughout the many really cool thrash metal albums the year gave us, Cryptosis’s stood … Read more

Lemmings Suicide Myth – Lemmings Suicide Myth

The Music

The Words

As I was preparing to close off this week’s release amalgam, I stumbled upon this intriguing cover art in the jazz section of bandcamp’s discovery tool. After a few seconds of the featured song playing, I was sold. I opened the album page and bought it, and, minutes before the scheduled publication, included it in my weekly post.

So, what’s this album that made it by the skin of its teeth into my week? Lemmings Suicide Myth‘s second self-titled album. Based off of Tarot cards, this jazz fusion drums and piano duo is … Read more

Leviathan Owl – Love for the Other

The Music

The Words

The time has come! Leviathan Owl‘s second EP is finally here. As some of you might remember, I was pleasantly surprised by Andrew Scott’s debut under this moniker, and I was expecting its successor to be just as good. Well, fear not, for it is even better in every regards than last year’s Everything Will Be Fine.

Andrew keeps the flame and spirit of instrumental progressive metal alive with various odd time signatures, a varied choice of harmonies, and compelling riffs and beats that speak directly to your heart. It’s not cheesy, or if … Read more