Haunts – A Lack of Empathy

British post-rock collective Haunts recently released their debut output. A Lack of Empathy, just shy of the thirty minutes mark, is a refreshing take on the genre, thanks to Dalma’s violins expanding into reverberating swells, and Kurt’s minimalistic drumming, using a variety of rim shots and uncommon percussions to fill the available space, and, finally, the omnipresent synths, which fulfill their purpose without being overwhelming. Like clanths in an abandoned shack, Haunts remind us of old, simpler times while, on the other hand, providing us with new ways to confront the future. My favourite effort on this EP is the opening song, “Creep Pulse”. It’s not aggrandizing and doesn’t try to be, it is soft and quiet yet strong and unforgiving. “Crux” goes back to this somewhat, but doesn’t manage to be as cruelly emotional as the former. Nevertheless, Haunts have made their way onto the post-rock stage, and I’m not complaining!