Five the Hierophant – Over Phlegethon

Doom metal comes in all shapes and forms. And, often, the most peculiar of them are the most intriguing. Enters Five the Hierophant, a trio from London that makes doom their very own way. The most striking aspect of the band’s sound is, of course, the use of instruments seldom heard in metal music: djembe, Tibetan horn, violin, saxophone (though this last one is now rather common sight)… Beyond this, they also take a heavy leaning on drone passages, spoken word excerpts, and a natural sense of song progression and structure. All of this can be found on their debut album, Over Phlegethon, which just came out. Listening to it is a slow adventure into oppressing atmospheres and deranging scenes – just like the one on the cover painting. Its fifty minutes are all worth their time, and each help to build this massive, monstrous slab of experimental doom metal. Highly recommended listen!


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