The Mercury Tree & Cryptic Ruse –
“The Cold Flame Burns”

The Music

The Words

Ever since their inception, The Mercury Tree has moved from an alternative metal band towards more and more obscure progressive rock and genre fusion. This progression has reached a new apex, thanks to the collaboration with xenharmonic prog solo band Cryptic Ruse on their upcoming EP, Cryptic Tree. For a few albums already, The Mercury Tree has experimented with multiple different tonal systems at once on their few latest albums, but this EP aims at pushing that experimentation to its limit.

By joining forces with a microtonality connoisseur such as Igliashon Jones, the band is able to distort their expertise of progressive music to an extreme degree, and, so, the Cryptic Tree EP easily puts itself at the top of this month’s best releases. Being a novelty that’s enjoyable for all of its qualities: the musicianship, the song structure, the harmonic ideas, the rhythmic intricacies, and so on and so forth until there’s nothing left.

Cryptic Tree comes out on Tuesday, the 31st, and you can pre-order the EP digitally or physically right now!

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Bandcamp – The Mercury Tree
Facebook – The Mercury Tree
Bandcamp – Cryptic Ruse
Facebook – Cryptic Ruse

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The Mercury Tree & Cryptic Ruse –
“The Cold Flame Burns”

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