Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 21

Marunata – Dernières réminiscences (atmospheric black metal)

Morrow – The Weight of These Feathers (atmospheric black metal, post-metal)

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Neckbeard Deathcamp – White Nationalism Is for Basement Dwelling Losers (antifa black metal)

निर्माण (Nirmāaṇ) – Indian Electric Station (world fusion)

Perplextus Joans – Out the Lights (experimental rock)

Void Eater – III (avant-garde death metal)

Monday, 23

Atavisma – The Chthonic Rituals (progressive death metal, blackened death metal)

Boucan? – Byoxo (experimental electronic music, math rock)

Tuesday, 24

Eli Wallace – Slideshow Junky I (experimental jazz)

Wednesday, 25

ジズー (Jizū) / Jizue – Room (math rock)

Thursday, 26

Milton Man Gogh – XXXX Bitter Irony (jazz fusion)

Tyler Corbett – Wandering (instrumental progressive metal, nu-prog)

Friday, 27

Big Big Train – Merchants of Light (progressive rock) Double Album, Live

Fay Victor’s Soundnoisefunk – Wet Robots (experimental jazz, free jazz)

Frontierer – Unloved (mathcore)

George Colligan – Nation Divided (contemporary classical, avant-jazz)

Michael Romeo – War of the Worlds, Part 1 (progressive metal, power-prog)

Plini – Sunhead (instrumental progressive metal, nu-prog)

Rudemanners – Ode to Mars (synthwave)

Talons – We All Know (post-hardcore, atmospheric rock)

Temporary Autonomous Zion – Making Kin (noise, experimental)

Thou – Rhea Sylvia (blackened sludge metal)

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