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Erna is a fantasy. This is the only line we get to describe this Danish percussion duo. In slightly more details, Kristian Paulsen and Anders Bach have just released Pan, an EP made only – or rather, mostly – using various percussions and whatever object you can hit that creates a sound when doing so. Slightly over twenty-five minutes, Pan is relatively short. But it only feels that way since the cacophonic pieces take you and hold you in a trancelike hypnotic state. To be fair, I think that longer improvisations, like the two final tracks, “Horse Pond” and “Lygtemænd”, would be a thing to look forward to in the future. The only thing is that those two song deliver slow and meditative sounds, rather than the quick and hectic experience of the previous four. What I’d be curious to hear is long pieces that are relentless and exhausting. For now, however, what Erna have brought us is a world of beauty.

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Ben Reimer
Lukas Mantel