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Montréal’s Eave is a surprising new minimalistic free jazz quartet. They just delivered their self-titled debut album, and it’s a thing of wonders! Eave is strong by its meekness. It isn’t overtly boastful, and is of the discreet type. However, the reserved are often the most incongruous. As such, Eave paint the most disturbing scenes using very few and pale colours. It is free jazz done differently than what I’m used to. With bands like dMu, Nakata, or Waifu, I’m used to the horrid, the loud, and the terrifying; Eave brings me the calm, the odd, and the quiet revolutionary.

Erik, Anna, Vicky, and Evan have created a unique character. Eave is for the timid marginal, it is for the assumed eclectic, and for everyone else that is ready to accept it. Truly an ingenious and unique album.

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