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Recently being part of Toilet ov Hell’s “Most Innovative Guitarist in Metal” poll, Kalevi Uibo is the closest thing to a band leader France’s Chaos Echœs has. And, judging by the music alone, he is awfully good at it. Now bands are most often more than one person, and I have to say that every one in Chaos Echœs knows their place and uses it to its full potential. Mouvement is the latest release from the band, and it is impressive in many regards. It would be quite easy to dismiss the band judging by the opening track “Embodied by Perfidious Curls in the Innervated Flux,” as yet another dissonant atmospheric black metal project, but we quickly find out, on the second track, that there is much more to it than this.

Indeed, “As an Embraceable Magma Leading the Subliminal.” is way more psychedelic, almost ambient, and, from here on, the compositions of Mouvement take a more interesting turn. On top of the creative compositions featured on this full-length, each musicians play a wide array of instruments, ranging from harmonium to sansula, which adds a whole lot of depth to the experience. One of the most interesting features is how weighty the music is. I didn’t choose the term “heavy”, because it’s not heavy in the traditionally metal meaning of the word. There is next to no blast beat, guitar chugging, or deep growls, but, despite this, the album feels much more tangible and real, hence “weighty”. “Through Kaleidoscopic Haze of Unexpected Extents” is a stellar example of this.

In summary, Mouvement is an atypical black metal album crafted with thought and care, which makes it easily one of the best experiments in the genre.

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