Çub – Musique actuelle

Çub is the unlikely collaborative project between experimental math rockers Ça and dub techno artist Submarine FM. As a spinoff of Ça, it had great shoes to fill in my eyes, and the dub aspect only made things more intriguing. The collaboration actually turned out pretty amazingly well! You still find the core of Ça – whacky off-kilter and odd-time riffs supplemented with onomatopoeic vocal absurdities –, but you now find a side of electronic music that’s an uncanny match, but the two marry perfectly. This lycée-themed album gives us plenty of lessons about life and music in general. In “Education civique” we can learn that “Everybody hates the police” (free translation), in “EPS” they show us how to play hard in the pocket with a solid groove near the end of the song, and, like the wise maths teacher that teaches us that mathematics will be useful all through life, and that leads by example, you can learn about them not in a single class, but rather on the album as a whole. We’re learning absolutely no French on “Franssais”, but as a counterpart we do get a lot of fun during “Récréation”. In the end, that’s an album that I expected to be good, and that still managed to surprise me by how good it actually is. It’s genuine fun to get into, and a seamless blend of Ça and dub.


A digital copy of the album was sent to us for promotional purposes.