Everything Is Terrible – Intensely Distressed and on the Verge of Mental Collapse

The debut from Copenhagen progressive metalcore outfit Everything Is Terrible is terribly good. The aptly-titled Intensely Distressed and on the Verge of Mental Collapse showcases a slow, heavy kind of metalcore, almost to the point of deathcore, well-infused with djent sonorities. The guitars sound thick and powerful, thanks to a precise mix and a present bass guitar. On this intense full-length, the band goes from straight-out djent, to the mellower atmodjent style somewhat reminiscent of Tesseract or Uneven Structure, and that’s a recurring theme here – atmosphere –, for as hard or tranquil as they decide to go, all they do is under a vast overarching sky, regardless of whether or not there is a guitar going through countless effect pedals on top of the riffs. Because this is only one way to create an atmospheric vibe, the easy way, perhaps, but Everything Is Terrible find other ways. Their debut is impressive in a lot of manners, it hearkens back to the good ol’ days of atmospheric djent – it would have made a killing, back then –, but keeps that more modern -core sound, and they make something astonishingly good with it.