Crno dete – Neponovljivo

The experimental surf rock duo Crno dete, from Serbia, just released their latest opus: the massive Neponovljivo album. This set is an improvised performance that goes on for about forty minutes; uncut, unedited, and unrepeatable. It has been divided into eight tracks, but the truly uncut version is available as a forty-three-minute single track. The music resembles experimental math rock and post-rock, but the utter flood of reverb on the guitars make me think of surf rock more than anything else, really. From the moment you press play, the guitars and the drums catawompously barge in and don’t stop until you’ve reached the end of the [digital] disc: they are there to pick a fight, and they show no rest. What’s puzzling me is that there definitely is a bass guitar playing on the record, although it’s nowhere credited. Maybe I’m missing something, for I am pretty bad with reading Serbian (as in completely illiterate), but I’m not complaining, since it rounds off the overall sound very well and make the whole thing sound more whole in the end. Be sure to check out this amazing album!