Check Strobes Out!

Jazz nerds are the best people to write math rock, it’s a fact. Case in point, the band Father Figure, which referred us to this wonderful new trio, themselves play some jazzy math rock that is sure to stick on the walls inside your head. Strobes features members from Troyka – another great jazz-math band -, and other bands I shall research into as soon as possible: Point X, and Three Trapped Tigers.

The only music from Strobes available for now comes in the form of live music videos, but they are professionally done and not recorded with a potato, so I can get behind that. They are seemingly working on an album, EP or LP I couldn’t say, but as of June 2015 they were mixing it, and now it’s being mastered. No date has been announced yet, but somewhere in 2016, I guess.

In the mean time, go and like their facebook page to stay up to date!