OSR: February 6th, 2016

Dead River Runs Dry‘s Hierophants of the Storm is a brutal assault of blackened death metal, or is it deathened black metal? Anyways, it’s a very good, fast, and bleak record!

Fake Jokes is so much better than Belief in Question, Carpadium‘s first album. They seem to know better where they are headed with their sound, which is some sort of math rock with some noise influences. I hope they continue down this road.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Shrug) is, despite its innocuous name-oji, is an aggressive post-hardcore band from California, and ???? successfully convey their musical message.

Emulated music has its limits, but can sometimes give us access to compositions that would otherwise be silenced on paper due to financial restrictions. Chaoh Reiccuk‘s EP is a very interesting piece, even though the instruments sound a bit too mechanical, and leans towards Travis Orbin’s Silly String sound, although much more rooted in jazz and chamber music. It’s not perfect, but it’s preferable to MIDI or to have nothing at all!

Finally, Bows & Arrows is Yesterday Man‘s soft post-rock album. It’s full of chilly atmospheres and is overall really well executed. It’s recommended for any fan of the genre, and also of some indie/folk music.

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