Bambino dell’Oro – Los Belvos


Oxford, UK’s progressive fusion duo Bambino dell’Oro‘s latest album Los Belvos is a set of sumptuously textured modern jazz pieces underlaid by complex grooves. The core of the band is made up by two multi-instrumentalists specializing on drums and piano/keyboard respectively, but they also have a bassist with them most of the time and occasionally a soprano sax player as well on this release.

The album’s overall feel is energetic, effortlessly flowing between odd time signatures that are given time to breathe without overstaying their welcome. They make strategic use of a wide texural palette including instruments such as melodica and glockenspiel as well as some electronic effects and vocal samples. The group’s melodic sensibility is firmly rooted in jazz, a perfect harmonic complement to the group’s rhythmic complexity.

While I find this album pleasing, displaying creativity and rhythmic prowess, it doesn’t really do anything that risky or unprecedented. I can recommend this to any fans of jazz and/or prog rock, but it probably won’t blow your mind.


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