OSR: January 15th, 2016

Sealclubber returns with Stoical, a very energetic and heavy album drawing influences on both crust punk and sludge metal, a very fun listen! The album comes out February 5th.

Tectum Argenti is a progressive and melodic instrumental metal album with slight djent influences from Divine Realm and there’s no shortcoming of technical musicianship either.

A melodic death metal album from 2012 with various Middle-Eastern influences, especially in the wonderful folk song “Iram of the Pillars”.

The Purge EP comes out March 7th, but “Innocent Blood” is on it. Cabal makes a very heavy and angry blackened deathcore sound fit for goign to the gym or killing people, I guess.

Mad Essence have finally fulfilled their vision and spread their message with Rehumanization, which sounds like a modern take on nu-metal with djent and electronic elements. A pretty good and varied album loaded with memorable melodies and dancy rhythms.

Pillars in the Sky make video games-influenced instrumental prog metal with chiptune elements and prominent piano.

Coming out February 26th, Love Sex Machine‘s second release, Asexual Anger will please the fans of profane, sludgey, doomy stoner metal.

I just heard about this album from 2014, a noteworthy compromise between mathcore and deathcore that I think will be able to please fans of both genres of music instead of pissing both off.

If you were looking for a heavier CHON or Polyphia, look no further than Contr∆sts, and even though I dislike the awkwardly-placed Greek letter that made me read it as “Contrdsts” at first, the music is pretty good!

And finally, thanks to Dillon, here’s Zwoyld‘s 2014 album, 200 000, a refreshing prog rock album with a hefty part of jazz fusion and free jazz incorporation into their sound.

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