Araqsana – Araqsana

Once in a while, I get a personal email containing music that’s just above and beyond good. This time, that email came from Jackson Albert Mann, and the music is under the moniker Araqsana. Jackson is a post-graduate student at the Berklee College of Music, and his debut EP displays some very tasty jazz fusion. Jackson states he is influenced by hardcore punk, experimental electronic music, and jam bands. The latter I can feel in Araqsana, but the former two are much more subtle and it takes more than one listen to get a glimpse of them through Jackson’s compositions. But, in the end, the unique set of influences and visions embedded here gives way to an equally unique and totally deserving musical experience. This fusion four-track walks in uneven steps that challenge your expectations at every corner, that only adds to its charm and necessity for you. Grab it digitally on bandcamp.