Andrew Bernstein – An Exploded View of Time

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Andrew Bernstein is a saxophone player and composer most recognized for his involvement in experimental band Horse Lords. He is releasing his latest album, An Exploded View of Time, through Hausu Mountain Records.

When listening to it, I can’t help but summon a comparison with saxophone virtuoso Colin Stetson. Of course, the palette of solo sax releases is pretty wide even for this relatively niche and narrow canvas, but the choice of techniques and soundscapes with which Andrew decided to paint it are remarkably similar. A short list of those include overblowing, circular breathing, and a ceaseless discharge of arpeggi. Some techniques that are missing (and which I miss) are the percussive sounds from pressing the keys and vocal multiphonics. Nevertheless, Andrew’s mastery of the instrument is without a doubt; as if his portfolio alone wasn’t enough to clear any shadow of one.

Throughout An Exploded View of Time, Andrew submerges us within the monochromatic painting, which evokes much more than one could imagine just by looking at the tools of the painter. To the neophyte, a simple saxophone can hardly stand on its own, musically speaking. To the virtuoso, however, nothing is out of reach for that metal cylindre. To the beholder, only beauty can be found.

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