Weekly Release Dump: Voters’ Rights Edition

Today is a special day. Bandcamp is donating all of their profits to the Voting Rights Project, to defend and improve the rights of voters in the United States. To read more on the subject and what Bandcamp is doing for this occasion, please click this link that will lead you to their website. My little contribution is this release dump post (for this occasion, I even included all upcoming releases of which I’m keeping track (you’re welcome). Your contribution can be any amount of money you can spare for one album or more. Alternatively, you can share this post or Bandcamp’s original article to support it!

So, without further ado, let’s see what the waves brought us, this week…

Saturday, 22 September

Embra – Abjection (atmospheric black metal)

Goblin Hovel – On the Bright Side of the Dark Forest (folk metal)

Yylva – The Wood beyond the World (atmospheric black metal)

Sunday, 23

Blanca Grande – The Book of Conar (math rock, alt rock)

Hatred of Sacred – Styxtape I-XIII (experimental black metal)

i.o – The Guardian / Without Wings (free jazz)

Monday, 24

Lunch Cult – Let’s Hear It! for… Lunch Cult! (indie rock)

Malviaje and Ikiatari – Split (math rock)
On Anomalía Ediciones

Zus – Breachz (synthwave, ambient electro)

Tuesday, 25

Chambers – Depart \\ Disappear (post-hardcore, black metal)

Erudite Stoner – Artistic Ghost (post-rock, indie folk)

Omni Optometrist – Entheonaut (avant-prog)

Wednesday, 26

Dir en Grey – The Insulated World (death metal, post-hardcore)
On Firewall Div.

Heptaedium – Amen (breakcore)
On Apathia Records

マクロス82-99 (Makurosu hachijūni-kyūjūkyū) – Summer Touch (future funk, vaporwave)

Sensor – Sensor (experimental jazz, jazz fusion)
On Otherunwise

Thursday, 27

Déhà – 4 5 6 (atmospheric black metal, post-metal)
On Musical Excrements

Friday, 28

Anaal Nathrakh – A New Kind of Horror (deathgrind, death metal)
On Metal Blade Records

Andrew Bernstein – An Exploded View of Time (experimental jazz)
On Hausu Mountain Records

Andy Milne & Dapp Theory – The Seasons of Being (avant-garde jazz)
On Sunnyside Records

The Arusha Accord – Juracan (progressive metalcore)
On Arusha Records

Bave – The Gosh of Hellfire (progressive metal)

The Black Queen – Infinite Games (darkwave)

Bokanté and Metropole Orkest – What Heat (world fusion)
On Real World Records

Brightstar Project – Travel to Dementia (progressive rock, experimental rock)

Daira – इतनी जुर्रत| (Itni jurrat?) (progressive rock)

Devin Drobka’s Bell Dance Songs – Amaranth (experimental jazz, free jazz)
On Shifting Paradigm Records

Dödsrit – Spirit Crusher (atmospheric black metal)
On Prosthetic Records

Entropia – शूत्य स्थान (Shoony sthaan) / Vacuum (death metal, post-metal)
On Arachnophobia Records

A Forest of Stars – Grave Mounds and Grave Mistakes (avant-garde black metal)
On Prophecy Productions

גבורה (Gevurah) – Sulphur Soul (black metal)
On Profound Lore Records

Iskandr – Euprosopon (atmospheric black metal)
On Eisenwald

Jock Tears – Bad Boys (microtonal punk)
On Inky Records

Life to Those Shadows – Life to Those Shadows (post-metal, progressive rock)
On Via Nocturna

Malthusian – Across Deaths (avant-garde death metal)
On Invictus Productions

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Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – King of Cowards (stoner metal)
On Rocket Recordings

Prophetic Scourge – Calvary (progressive death metal)
On Season of Mist

Revocation – The Outer Ones (thrash metal)
On Metal Blade Records

Scorched – Ecliptic Butchery (death metal)
On 20 Buck Spin

Spires – A Parting Gift (progressive metal)

Sunflo’er – No Hell (experimental hardcore)
On Noise Salvation

Tilian – The Skeptic (alternative rock)
On Rise Records

Un – Sentiment (doom metal)
On Translation Loss Records

Upended Sun and Omnea – Split (progressive death metal)

惘闻 (Wǎng wén) – Invisible City (post-rock)
On Pelagic Records

Wojciech Golczewski – Tonight She Comes: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (retrowave, soundtrack)
On Data Airlines

Upcoming Releases

Sunday, 30 September

Depths Above – Ex nihilo (post-metal)

Monday, 1 October

Big Lad – Pro Rock (synthwave, drum and bass)
On Box Records

Neurasthene – Moloch (black metal)

Neptunus – Alien Conspiracy (technical death metal)

Patrick Grant – Fields Amaze and Other Strange Music (contemporary classical, world fusion)
On Peppergreen Media

Zayn – Evolution Made Us (progressive metal)

Friday, 5

Alkymist – Alkymist (doom metal)
On Indisciplinarian

Bear the Mammoth – Years under Glass (post-rock)
On Art as Catharsis

Black Peaks – All That Divides (progressive metal)
On Rise Records

Carthage – Panic War (grindcore)

Coheed and Cambria – Vaxis, Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures (alternative metal)
On Roadrunner Records

Emperor of Mind – Non compos mentis (progressive metalcore)

Fucked Up – Dose Your Dreams (hardcore)
On Merge Records

Mungion – Ferris Wheel’s Day Off (jazz fusion)
On Shuga Records

Piah Mater – The Wandering Daughter (progressive death metal)
On Aural Music

Scythra – Forever Unclean (progressive death metal)

TTNG – Animals Acoustic (math rock)
On Sargent House

Monday, 8

Euclid C Finder – Euclid C Finder! (mathcore)
On Zegema Beach Records

Friday, 12

Benighted – Dogs Always Bite Harder Than Their Master (death metal)
On Season of Mist

Blast – Drifting (jazz fusion)
On Label Pince-Oreilles

Gösta Berlings Saga – Et ex (post-metal)
On Insideout Records

Lorraine Baker – Eden (experimental jazz)
On Spark Label

Meiz – [meiz] (jazz fusion)

Paradigm Shift – सम्मुख (Sammukh) (progressive metal, world fusion)

Sanguine Hum – Now We Have Power (progressive rock)
On Bad Elephant Music

Set and Setting – Tabula rasa (post-metal)
On Pelagic Records

Shezmu – Breaching the Tomb (death metal)

Skraeckoedlan – Äppelträdet (doom metal)
On The Sign Records

Sylvain Darrifourcq in Love With – Coïtus interruptus (experimental jazz)
On Label Gigantonium

Vola – Applause of a Distant Crowd (progressive metal)
On Mascot Label Group

Saturday, 13

Ensemble, et al. – Patterns & Improvisations, Volume 1 (free jazz)

Solium Fatalis – Genetically Engineered to Enslave (blackened death metal)

Sunday, 14

Julian Suhr – Ascendant (progressive metal)

Monday, 15

Malepeste and Dysylumn – Ce qui fut, ce qui est, ce qui sera (black metal)
On Goathorned Productions

Tuesday, 16

山童 (Yama Warashi) – Boiled Moon (world fusion)
On Worlds within Worlds

Wednesday, 17

Noisays – Noisays (mathcore)
On Dark Trail Records

Outre-Tombe – Nécrovortex (death metal)
On Temple of Mystery

Thursday, 18

Grugrü – 333 (experimental jazz, mathcore)

The Hemisphere Music Movement – A Musical Metanoia (compilation)

Uboa – The Sky May Be (noise)
On Art as Catharsis

Friday, 19

Dust in Mind – From Ashes to Flames (melodic death metal)
On Darktunes Music Group

Esoctrilihum – Inhüma (avant-garde black metal)
On I, Voidhanger Records

Iamthemorning – Ocean Sounds (progressive rock)
On Ocean Sounds Recordings

Sacral Rage – Beyond Celestial Echoes (progressive thrash metal, tech-death)
On Cruz del Sur Music

Valdur – Goat of Iniquity (blackened doom metal)
On Bloody Mountain Records

Monday, 22

Barús – Drowned (black metal)
On Emanations


Friday, 26

Anna Pest – Something Is a Foot (death metal)

Avast – Mother Culture (post-black)
On Dark Essence Records

Cryptopsy – The Book of Suffering, Tome II (technical death metal)
On Century Media Records

Daughters – You Won’t Get What You Want (mathcore)
On Ipecac Recordings

Gadadu – Outer Song (jazz fusion)
On Birdwatcher Records

Haken – Vector (progressive metal)
On Insideout Records

Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Laurent David, Stéphane Galland, and Malcolm Braff – 四神 (Shijin) (experimental jazz)
On Alter-Nativ Music Label

Leonov – Wake (post-doom)
On Fysisk Format

Outre – Hollow Earth (post-black metal)
On Debemur Morti Productions

Rapheumets Well – The Elder’s Anthology (progressive metal)
On Test Your Metal Records

Saint Sadrill – Pierrefilant (avant-garde jazz)
On Dur et Doux

Samskaras – Lithification (technical death metal)


Serocs – The Phobos/Deimos Suite (technical death metal)
On Everlasting Spew Records

Street Sects – The Kicking Mule (experimental hardcore)
On The Flenser

Thumpermonkey – Make Me Young, Etc (progressive rock)
On Rockosmos

Xander Naylor – Transmission (experimental jazz, jazz fusion)

Sunday, 28

Lifelost – Dialogues from Beyond (black metal)
On Transcending Obscurity Records

Monday, 29

Abstract Void – Back to Reality (blackwave)
On Avantgarde Music

Universe Effects – Desolation (progressive metal)

Official website

Tuesday, 30

Consumed – Consumed (blackened grindcore)

Organ: – Everything Is Pared Down. Minimal Expectations. (avant-garde black metal)
On Duplicate Records

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Wednesday, 31

Gorepot – Asian Stoned Effect (brutal death metal)
On Brutal Mind Records

Gralaghorr – The Divine Spectacle of Rebirth (atmospheric black metal)

Thursday, 1 November

Caroline Scott Khoalesce – Khoalesce (modern jazz)

Monobody – Raytracing (nu jazz)
On Soft Greens Music

Friday, 2

Amgala Temple – Invisible Airships (jazz fusion)
On Pekula Records

Apollyon – False Light (blackened death metal)

Cóndor – El valle del Cóndor (atmospheric black metal)


Iana – D’une extrême à l’autre (avant-garde jazz)
On Freddy Morezon

Karybdis – In the Shadow of Paradise (melodic death metal)

Noise Trail Immersion – Symbology of Shelter (mathcore, avant-garde death metal)
On Moment of Collapse Records

The Ocean – Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic (progressive metal)
On Pelagic Records

Sunn Trio – فايروس (Fayrus) (experimental jazz)
On Sky Lantern Records


Tera Melos – Treasures and Trolls (math rock)
On Sargent House

Sylvaine – Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone (post-metal)
On Season of Mist

Ølten – Ambiance (post-metal, sludge metal)
On Hummus Records

Thursday, 8

Fractal Cypher – Prelude to an Impending Outcome (progressive metal)


Friday, 9

Cold Night for Alligators – Fervor (progressive metalcore)
On Long Branch Records

Cortez – No More Conqueror (blackened hardcore)
On Wooaaargh

Four Stroke Baron – Planet Silver Screen (alternative metal, progressive metal)
On Prosthetic Records

Maisha – There Is a Place (spiritual jazz)
On Brownswood Recordings

Psycroptic – As the Kingdom Drowns (death metal)
On Prosthetic Records

Thoren – Gwarth I (avant-garde death metal)
On Drylands Records

Saturday, 10

Emika – Falling in Love with Sadness (experimental electronic music)

Tuesday, 13

Europa – Small Steps (progressive rock)

Wednesday, 14

Mnmm – Minimum (post-rock, world music)
On Art as Catharsis

Friday, 16

Azusa – Heavy Yoke (post-hardcore)
On Solid State Records

Baring Teeth – Transitive Savagery (death metal)
On Translation Loss Records

Circuitry – Untouched by Human Hands (progressive metalcore)

Portrayal of Guilt – Let Pain Be Your Guide (post-hardcore)
On Holy Roar Records

Tangent – Proxy (progressive rock)
On Insideout Records

Saturday, 17

Sœur – Fight (post-punk)

Sunday, 25

Second to Sun – The Walk (blackened death metal)

Friday, 30

Sarah Longfield – Disparity (progressive metal)
On Season of Mist

Scheduled for November

Soulmass – The Weakness of Virtue (death metal, doom metal)


Tuesday, 4 December

Darkaeon – The Shattered Monolith (progressive metal)

Friday, 7

Vulfpeck – Hill Climber (funk)
On Vulf Records

Sunday, 23 December

Mono – Nowhere Now Here (post-rock)
On Temporary Residence Ltd.

Scheduled for 2018

Dali Mraz – Level 25 (jazz fusion, progressive rock)


Soul Cycle – Soul Cycle III (progressive metal)

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