Acheode – Anxiety (2011)

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Atonal brutal mathcore from Italy. Hey! They don’t only make great shoes and pizza, but one of the best metal bands on this Earth.

At times crazy-fast with weird riffs and notes being emitted from all around, with crushing blast beats and pain-inducing vocals, and at times slow and just plainly brutal, Anxiety is one piece of Italy that I wish you parents bring back from their trip in Europe.

Cuz u kno… That’s what your parents do when they don’t beat you.

The 8 string guitar is put at good use here, and his ‘tar has fucking fanned frets… talk about style! Thank god it’s not another Meshuggah rip-off band, and that these guys actually do something creative, while being brutal and, most of all, GOOD!

The only drawback of this album is that it’s quite short. In fact, it would fall in the “EP” category, technically, since it’s like 28 minutes long. But it’s 28 fucking worthy minutes… And they got great merch, too!

I heard you like brutality? You need to get that Acheode album!

And you know what? Fuck ratings, it’s so arbitrary! That album is fucking great, period!

Oh and look at that video, how awesome?

Acheode myspace

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