Vanisher – Unbound (2012)

Listen to this while you read!

Okay, I know this album doesn’t showcase any harsh vocals, so you can call this fake and gay and not listen to it… but you’d miss on some true jewel, not that jewels are that manly, in fact they aren’t, at all… but Vanisher’s Unbound is truly beautiful, driving, and leaves a permanent mark in your mind. Like a real beautiful piece of jewelry.

Okay, I should be burned for using such a cliché.

Unbound will make emotions flow through your mind as if you lived them. Thanks to Justin Reich at vocals for hitting just the right notes at the right moment and intensity. Cheers, bro!

Guitars, from Kevin and Kyle, are what drives the songs, though. Thrash-y yet kinda poppish and with a subtle touch of progressiveness, the songs are strong, and you just want to headbang to these and sing your lungs out.

Even the album art is beautiful! Take a look at that!!!

I mean… not the girl… of course.

The colors used, and just the background, and the symbolic behind it, although I don’t know what the fuck is with that insect on the lady’s belly. Explanations, please?

Anyways, Unbound is a killer album, I really haven’t spotted any downside to this album, safe that it will occupy your mind for the upcoming weeks.

Vanisher – Unbound.

Perfect score! 100%

Call me gay because this isn’t noise at all, the guy’s not screaming, it’s even melodic lol! But man, it is just so good! It’s one of my guilty pleasures (another one of them might be Look Right Penny’s Sugar Lane).

In fact there is a tiny amount of harsh singing, enjoy!

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