We’re going to throw a party!

This next Sunday the 7th of July at 04:00 PM (EST), we are going to throw a listening party over our channel on our Grooveshark page!

We’re going to broadcast the entirety of The Gabriel Construct‘s Interior City!!! And we’re going to have a very special guest : Gabriel Riccio, the mastermind of this insane project. You will be able to chat with him on the grooveshark page, so you might ask anything to this brilliant musician and composer about the music on the album, the concept behind it, the recording process, etc. etc. etc!

If you haven’t already, go check our eulogy of the album on the blog, and give it a few listens beforehand so you may find questions that need answering this Sunday!

We are pretty stoked to throw our first online listening party w/ guests, so share this facebook event right now, and we’re going to be there for you next Sunday, at 4 PM Eastern Standard Time!