Weekly Release Dump

Friday, 5 July

Andrea Belfi – Strata [EP] (experimental electro, jazz fusion)

Berlin, Germany
On Float

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Arkhaaik – *dʰg̑ʰm̥tós (experimental black metal)

On Iron Bonehead

Atrium – Synthesis (progressive metal)

Provo, Utah

Detach the Islands – The Burden to Become Fact [EP] (mathcore, powerviolence)

New Yorke

Detlef – “Where’s the Luau? Dang!” [Single] (math rock)

Atlanta, Georgia


Grace Barbé – Fanm : Woman (Afrobeat, indie rock, pop)

Fremantle, Australia

Joona Samuel – The Act of Disintegration [EP] (jazz fusion)

Helsinki, Finland
On Art as Catharsis

Louis-Vincent Hamel – Self Enquiry (modern jazz)

Montréal, Québec

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Musicians from Soundscape – After the End (contemporary classical)

On New Focus

Pattern-Seeking Animals – Pattern-Seeking Animals (progressive rock)

On Inside Out

Tongue – What Do We Know of Horror (black metal)

Bielefeld, Germany
On The Crawling Chaos

Saturday, 6

Xotla – Nano Particular (experimental electro, soundtrack)

Melbourne, Australia

Sunday, 7

An Empty Room and Death Carrier [Split] (atmospheric doom metal)

Eugene, Oregon

Féroces – Paul [EP] (post-rock)

Besançon, France

Monday, 8

Dan Phillips Trio – Sound Energy in Space (jazz fusion, modern jazz)

Chicago, Illinois
On Lizard Breath

Down I Go – All down the Church in Midst of Fire the Hellish Monster Flew, and Passing onward to the Quire, He Many People Slew [EP] (post-hardcore)

London, UK

Sebkha-Chott – Crpts nd Tpstrz: Concerto pour Otto-tamponeuses et orchestre de chambre de passe (avant-garde metal, zeuhl)

Le Mans, France

Tuesday, 9

Dave Nasty – Cannibal Suite (free jazz, experimental rock)

Chicago, Illinois

Wednesday, 10

Covet – Acoustics [EP] (math rock, post-rock)

On Triple Crown

Thursday, 11

CP Unit – Riding Photon Time (avant-garde jazz, free jazz)

New York, New York

Wednesday, 10

Uboa & Solus Varak – The Absolute (noise, experimental metal)


Thursday, 11

Cartoon Theory – Yōkai Orchestra (progressive metal, djent)

Limoges, France

Mega – Mega [EP] (nu jazz)


TWRP – 帰る場所は自由 (Kaerubasho wa jiyū) / Return to Wherever (synthwave, funk, pop)

Toronto, Ontario

Friday, 12

Auras – Binary Garden (progressive metalcore)

On eOne Heavy

Bartłomiej Krysiuk’s Батюшка (Batjuška) / Batushka – Господи (Hospodi) (atmospheric black metal, blackened death metal)

On Metal Blade

Black to Comm – Before After (experimental electro)

Hamburg, Germany
On Thrill Jockey

Elder – The Gold & Silver Sessions (progressive stoner metal)

On Blues Funeral

For Now – The Turning (jazz fusion, modern jazz)

Denton, Texas

光淵 (Guāng yuān) / Pool of Light – 壤 (Rǎng) / Soil (ambient, post-rock)

On WV Sorcerer

Henrik Olsson – Hand of Benediction (avant-garde jazz, free jazz)

On Barefoot

Ingrid Laubrock, Sylvie Courvoisier, Mark Feldman, and Tom Rainey – TISM (avant-garde jazz)

New York
On Rogue Art

Label page

Jack Quartet – Filigree: Music of Hannah Lash (contemporary classical)

New York, New York
On New Focus

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The Monk Batucada – “Be Careful Not to Love Me” [Single] (soul, nu jazz)

Boston, Massachusetts

Rïga – Accidents [EP] (experimental electro, noise)

Rennes, France

Shwesmo – “Concerto for Guitar and Computer” [Single] (dubstep, djent, world fusion)

New York, New York

Uwe Zahn, Porya Hatami, and Darren McClure – Ypsilon (ambient, experimental electro)

Germany / Iran / Japan
On n5MD

Vessels – Vessels [EP] (progressive metal, jazz fusion)

Copenhagen, Denmark

Wait – We Are in Transit [EP] (progressive death metal)

On The Artisan Era

yMusic – We Carry Our Homes within Us Which Enables Us to Fly [EP] (contemporary classical)

New York, New York
On New Amsterdam

Upcoming Releases

Saturday, 13

Animus Complex – The Phaneron (progressive metalcore)

Phoenix, Arizona

ה‬ז‬ו‬נ‬ה‬ מ‬ב‬ב‬ל / Whore of Babylon – Chapter Ⅱ: Consecration, Ordination, Exaltation [EP] (blackened death metal)


Tuesday, 16

All Cats Are Beautiful – A/C/A/B EP3 (indie rock)

London, UK

Silent Gallery – Neon Winter (math rock, post-hardcore)

On Mr. Snow!

Thursday, 18

Glacier – No Light Ever (post-metal)

Boston, Massachusetts
On No Happy Music

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Friday, 19

Alarmist – Sequesterer (math rock, jazz fusion)

Brighton, UK
On Small Pond / Art as Catharsis

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Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti – In manus tuas (contemporary classical)

Honolulu, Hawaii
On New Focus

Danny Widdicombe & Trichotomy – Between the Lines (bluegrass, jazz fusion)

Brisbane, Australia
On Futurfonic


Falls of Rauros – Patterns in Mythology (atmospheric black metal)

Oshkosh, Wisconsin
On Gilead Media

Lingua ignota – Caligula (experimental electro, hardcore)

United States
On Profound Lore

Mefitis – Despair (progressive black metal)

Beijing, China

Michael Gordon & Deborah Artman – Acquanetta (contemporary classical, opera)

New York, New York
On Cantaloupe Music

Tomb Mold – Planetary Clairvoyance (death metal)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
On 20 Buck Spin

Will of the People – Will of the People (free jazz)

Edinburgh, UK
On Copperfly

Wormed – Metaportal [EP] (brutal death metal)

On Season of Mist

Saturday, 20

Wędrowcy / Tułacze / Zbiegi – Marynistyka suchego lądu (experimental black metal, post-punk)

Katowice, Poland

Tuesday, 23

Wastewalker – Lowborn (progressive metalcore)

Sacramento, California

Friday, 26

Christopher Cerrone – The Pieces that Fall to Earth (contemporary classical)

Brooklyn, New York
On New Amsterdam

De Lorians – De Lorians (progressive rock, avant-prog)

Tokyo, Japan
On Beyond Beyond Is Beyond

Oh Hiroshima – Oscillation (post-rock)

On Napalm

Richard Henshall – The Cocoon (progressive metal)

On Inside Out

Facebook page

Several Wives – Göldi Fell (contemporary classical, dark ambient)

On Gizeh

Sevish – Horixens (drum and bass, experimental electro)


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Bandcamp page

Monday, 29

Fret! – A Vanity Spawned by Fear (post-hardcore, math punk)

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
On Cruel Nature

Tuesday, 30

The Tea Club – If / When (progressive rock)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Wednesday, 31 July

Things Amazing – Better Things (math rock, post-hardcore)

Atlanta, Georgia
On Coup sur coup

Thursday, 1 August

Zeitgeber – Transforming the Random Crushing Forces of the Universe into Manageable Patterns (world fusion)

Sydney, Australia
On Art as Catharsis

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Friday, 2

Fawn Limbs – Harm Remissions (mathcore, grindcore)

On Wolves and Vibrancy

Humanity’s Last Breath – Abyssal (deathcore)

Helsingborg, Sweden
On Unique Leader

Lilly Legit & Chime Garlands – Closure (modern jazz, math rock)

Osnabrück, Germany

Street Sects – “Gentrification Ⅲ: Death and Displacement” [Single] (experimental hardcore)

Austin, Texas
On The Flenser

Watercolour Ghosts – Connector (progressive metal, post-rock)

Perth, Australia

Saturday, 3

Lukas Mantel Sextet – Vardah (Pre​-​Release #2/​4) [EP] (jazz fusion, modern jazz)

Zürich, Switzerland
On Double Moon

Bandcamp page

Monday, 5

Les Penning & Robert Reed – The Floral Dance (folk, progressive rock)

Wales, UK
On Tigermoth

Wednesday, 7

Gralaghorr – The Divine Spectacle of Rebirth [EP] (atmospheric black metal)

Somerville, Massachusetts

Rïga – Chaos et félicité (experimental electro, post-rock)

On Not Music

Friday, 9

The Contortionist – Our Bones [EP] (alternative metal)

Indianapolis, Indiana
On eOne Heavy

Unprocessed – Artificial Void (progressive metalcore, djent)

Wiesbaden, Germany
On Long Branch

A World Wondered Full – ประเทศของคุณอยู่ในงานศพมานานแล้ว (Pratheṣ̄ k̄hxng khuṇ xyū̀ nı ngān ṣ̄ph mā nān læ̂w) (experimental post-rock, world fusion)

Mueang Chiang Rai, Thailand

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Saturday, 10

Bonniesongs – Energetic Mind (indie folk)

Brighton, UK
On Small Pond

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Wednesday, 14

Omahara – Upsilamba (atmospheric doom metal)

Hobart, Australia
On Art as Catharsis

Friday, 16

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard – Infest the Rats’ Nest (psychedelic rock)

Melbourne, Australia
On Flightless

Pijn & Conjurer – Curse These Metal Hands (post-rock, post-metal)

Manchester, UK
On Holy Roar

Uniform & The Body – Everything that Dies Someday Comes Back (noise metal)

United States
On Sacred Bones

Friday, 23

Alexander Noice – Noice (experimental pop, math rock, jazz fusion)

Los Angeles, California
On Orenda

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Hide – Hell Is Here (darkwave, industrial)

Chicago, Illinois
On Dais

Meth. – Mother of Red Light (grindcore, powerviolence)

Chicago, Illinois
On Prosthetic

MoE – La bufa (noise rock)

Oslo, Norway

Queen of Jeans – If You’re Not Afraid, I’m Not Afraid (indie pop)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
On Topshelf

Friday, 30

Dal Sasso Big Band – The Palmer Suite (jazz fusion, big band)

Paris, France
On Jazz & People

Fire-Toolz – Field Whispers (into the Crystal Palace) (experimental electro)

United States
On Orange Milk

Kevin Hays & Lionel Loueke – Hope (modern jazz)

New York, New York
On Edition

Kid Millions & Sarah Bernstein – Broken Fall (noise, avant-garde metal)

Brooklyn, New York
On 577

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Lingua nada – Djinn (noise rock)

Leipzig, Germany

Magic Pie – Fragments of the 5th Element (progressive rock)

Moss, Norway
On Karisma & Dark Essence

Michael Leonhart Orchestra – Suite Extracts, Volume 1 (modern jazz, jazz fusion)

New York, New York
On Sunnyside

Nathalie Joachim – Fanm d’Ayiti (folk, jazz)

Brooklyn, New York
On New Amsterdam

Pharmakon – Devour (experimental electro, hardcore)

New York, New York
On Sacred Bones

Portrayal of Guilt – Suffering Is a Gift (post-hardcore)

On Closed Casket Activities

Shards – Find Sound (synthwave, choir)

London, UK
On Erased Tapes

Širom – A Universe that Roasts Blossoms for a Horse (experimental folk)

On Glitterbeat

Steve Lehman Trio & Craig Taborn – The People I Love (avant-garde jazz)

New York, New York
On Pi

Tenesha the Wordsmith – Peacocks and Other Savage Beasts (jazz fusion, poetry slam)

Oakland, California
On On the Corner

Tool – To Be Announced (progressive metal)

Los Angeles, California
On Volcano

Official website

Zwitschermaschine – System for Us (free improv)

On Why Play Jazz

Label page

Scheduled for August

John Zorn – Encomia (contemporary classical)

New York, New York
On Tzadik

Label page

Friday, 6 September

Foscor – Els sepulcres blancs (post-black metal)

Barcelona, Spain
On Season of Mist

Golden Dawn Arkestra – Darkness Falls on the Edge of Time (spiritual jazz, psychedelic rock)

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Kayo Dot – Blasphemy (avant-garde doom metal)

Brooklyn, New York
On Prophecy

מזמור (Mizmor) – Cairn (blackened doom metal)

Portland, Oregon
On Gilead Media

Stolen Jars – A Reminder (indie rock, math rock)

Montclair, New Jersey

Sunday, 8

01101111011101100110111001101001 (OVNI) – SDSS J0333​+​0651 (brutal death metal)

On Amputated Vein

Tuesday, 10

Oiseaux-tempête – From Somewhere Invisible (experimental post-rock)

Paris, France

Friday, 13

A-Sun Amissa – For Burdened and Bright Light (experimental post-metal)

On Gizeh

Aki Rissanen – Art in Motion (modern jazz)

Helsinki, Finland
On Edition

Dead Neanderthals & Scott Hedrick – Ghosts (experimental jazz, noise rock)

The Netherlands
On Utech

Bandcamp page

Manu Delago – Circadian (world fusion, post-rock)

London, UK
On Tru Thoughts

Mike Patton & Jean-Claude Vannier – Corpse Flower (experimental rock)

United States
On Ipecac

Mithridatic – Tetanos Mystique (blackened death metal)

On Xenokorp

Bandcamp page

Friday, 20

No One Knows What the Dead Think – No One Knows What the Dead Think (deathgrind)

New Jersey
On Willowtip

Friday, 27

Astrosaur – Obscuroscope (progressive rock, stoner rock)

Oslo, Norway
On Pelagic

.gif from God – Approximation_of_a_Human (grindcore)

Richmond, Virginia
On Prosthetic

I Am the Trireme – Nomenclature (progressive black metal)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
On Black Lion

Mosaic – Cloven Fires (folk black metal)

Gotha, Germany
On Eisenwald

Scheduled for September

The Monk Batucada – Sugar Cubes & Ink (soul, nu jazz)

Boston, Massachusetts

Bandcamp page

Tuesday, 1 October

We Lost the Sea – Triumph & Disaster (post-rock)

Sydney, Australia
On Translation Loss

Thursday, 3

ザック・ジンガー (Zac Zinger) – Fulfillment (jazz fusion, Japanese folk)

New York, New York

Monday, 7

Upperground Orchestra – Euganea (free jazz, electro-jazz)

Venice, Italy
On Morphine

Friday, 11

Sarah Pagé – Dose Curves (contemporary classical)

Montréal, Québec
On Backward Music

Thursday, 17

Lukas Mantel Sextet – Vardah (Pre​-​Release #2/​4) [EP] (jazz fusion, modern jazz)

Zürich, Switzerland
On Double Moon

Bandcamp page

Saturday, 26 October

Lukas Mantel Sextet – Vardah (Pre​-​Release #3/​4) [EP] (jazz fusion, modern jazz)

Zürich, Switzerland
On Double Moon

Bandcamp page

Scheduled for November

Terry Pack’s Trees – Into the Woods (big band, jazz fusion)

England, UK

Tuesday, 3 December

Lukas Mantel Sextet – Vardah (jazz fusion, modern jazz)

Zürich, Switzerland
On Double Moon

Bandcamp page

Scheduled for 2019

ᚪᚱᛊᛏᛁᛞᛁᚱ᛬ᛚᛁᚠᛊᛁᚾᛊ (Árstíðir lífsins) – Saga á tveim tungum Ⅱ : Eigi fjǫll né firðir (atmospheric black metal)


Bandcamp page

Car Bomb – To Be Announced (mathcore, progressive metalcore)

Brooklyn, New York

Good Nightowl – Truthmaster (progressive metal)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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