Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 14

The Halcyon Effect – Visionary (progressive metal)

Terminus – Fortune Looming (progressive rock, stoner metal)

Sunday, 15

i.o – Your Transfer Distorting (experimental jazz)

Lunar Haze – Among These Trees (progressive metal)

Martin Kay’s Forage – Move to the Bleat (experimental jazz)

Monday, 16

Synergi – Tranceform (progressive death metal)

Tuesday, 17

Journal – Chrysalis ordalias (mathcore, progressive metalcore)

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Wednesday, 18

Noosefiller – Noosefiller (avant-garde death metal)

Yilmer Vivas – Colors in My Mind (jazz fusion)

Thursday, 19

Carl King – Guns A’ Blazin’! (symphony, orchestra)

Distorted Harmony – A Way Out (progressive metal)

Friday, 20

Argos – Unidentified Dying Objects (progressive rock)

Ben Sluijs Quartet – Particles (modern jazz)

Depths of Hatred – Bloodguilt (death metal, deathcore)

Julian Argüelles – Tonadas (jazz fusion)

Khalab – Black Noise 2084 (world fusion, experimental jazz)

Khanus – Flammarion (experimental death metal)

Khôrada – Salt (progressive doom metal)

The Lion’s Daughter – Future Cult (progressive death metal, sludge metal)

Other Barry – Escape Route (jazz fusion)

Parius – Tales from… The Eldritch Realm (progressive death metal)

Proliferation – Woodborn (progressive death metal, technical death metal)

Sloth Herder – Sacred Coward / Historic Savage (doom metal, grindcore)

Spaceslug – Eye the Tide (stoner doom metal)

Sunn Trio – Bali Kratom (Gamelan music)

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