Doom Shrugs – “A Five-Letter Word for Happiness”

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Neo-Zealander experimental math rock project Doom Shrugs assaults us with their first song, “A Five-Letter Word for Happiness”, off of their upcoming album The Clairolfactant and the Flatulent Ghost.

The opening track of the album exemplifies rather perfectly what the project is about. With its dissonances, rhythmic caprices, and overall eccentric character you can already appreciate the unique fragrance of the group. One of the most striking features of this song might be its near constant chord staccato, which is so prevalent it’s almost uncomfortable—in the most flattering sense of the term.

The rest of the album follows this trend with different concepts to explore and focus on, which makes the thirty minutes or so that it lasts an enduring pleasure. All of this makes the album already a favourite of mine; it just oozes with unbridled creativity.

You can go on the project’s bandcamp page to pre-order the album!

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