Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 30 June

The Sound That Ends Creation – Roses and Thorns and Dead Unicorns (grindcore, mathcore)

Sunday, 1 July

Fifth Quadrant – Vision (progressive metal, prog fusion)

Monday, 2

Andreas Scotty Böttcher – Electric Symphony (jazz fusion)

Ars de Er – Fièvre (progressive rock, avant-prog)

Bisonwar – Tribes (instrumental progressive rock, math rock)

Harmolodic String Band – The Shape of Grass to Come, Volume 1 (bluegrass, free jazz)

Ready my review.

Zwoyld – Zgond (progressive rock, avant-prog)

Tuesday, 3

Carl Gene – Mourning (indie post-rock, slowcore)

Dumb Waiter – Heck (math rock, progressive rock)

Wednesday, 4

Gash – Crossing the Lugubrious Plateau (experimental death metal)

Friday, 6

Acidic Vaginal Liquid Explosion Generated by Mass Amounts of Filthy Fecal Fisting and Sadistic Septic Syphilic Sodomy inside the Infected Maggot Infested Womb of a Molested Nun Dying under the Roof of a Burning Church While a Priest Watches and Ejaculates in Immense Perverse Pleasure over His First Fresh Fetus – Gore 2.0 (grindcore, brutal death metal)

Anachronism – Orogeny (progressive death metal, tech-death)

Jon Poulin – Loud Noises (instrumental progressive rock)

Kontinuum – No Need to Reason (occult rock, blackened indie)

Lowen – A Crypt in the Stars (progressive doom metal)

Mouthbreather – Dollmeat (mathcore, grindcore)

Orchards – Losers/Lovers (math pop)

Resina – Traces (contemporary classical music)

Secret Cutter – Quantum Eraser (grindcore)

Slowly Rolling Camera – Juniper (jazz-hop, jazz fusion)

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving – No Tether (post-rock, progressive rock)

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