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Jptr—disemvoweled “Jupiter”—is a Swiss avant-pop duo. Consisting of Ramón Oliveras, of modern jazz band Ikarus fame, and Andrina Bollinger, who is part of another art pop duo: Eclecta, Jptr boasts one of the most impressive, and, perhaps, surprising lineups.

After catching up with the project’s self-titled 2,017 release—with which I immediately fell in love—, I gave a shot at The Absence Of…, which is coming out on 13 July. While their debut, Jptr, is rhythmic and upbeat and energetic, its follow-up veers in an entirely new direction. Atmospheric, contemplative, and minimalist, The Absence Of… deals with three vague concepts: transience, emptiness, and suspense. Through four tracks, the duo expertly reflects those sentiments via music, and in doing so crafts one of the most compelling, if succinct, avant-pop releases.

The Absence Of… is an EP that I recommend to everyone, but, more precisely, those who have an affinity towards artistic pop music, post-rock, minimalist music, and synthwave. The duo Jptr broadens its scope with this release, and, while it’s quite a different beast than their eponymous debut, it’s an incredibly emotional and engrossing EP. Be ready for it on July 13.

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