Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 23

Hans Anselm Big Band – Kreisfrequenz (modern jazz)

MRW (Emerwu) – Outmasters (progressive rock)

Sunday, 24

The 8-Bit Big Band – Press Start! (big band, jazz fusion, VGM)

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Monday, 25

Jason Rubenstein – Four Points of Focus (progressive metal/rock)

Joliette – El alphabiotista (mathcore)

Tuesday, 26

十一 (Juuichi) – 打音の光輪 (Daon no niurin) / Circle of Light (world fusion, indie pop)

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Wednesday, 27

喃語 (Nango) – 説話説 (Setsuwa-setsu) (math rock, noise rock)

Witchchord – Materialize (progressive rock, instrumental)

Thursday, 28

Les Chants du Hasard – Tome 1 instrumental (contemporary classical)

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Eishan Ensemble – نیم دانگ (Nim dong) (world fusion, Persian jazz)

Friday, 29

Aphelion – Aphelion (progressive metalcore, tech-death)

Bookakee – Ignominies (melodic tech-death)

The Death Particle – The Tangent Universe (nu jazz)

Dwellings – Lavender Town (post-hardcore)

Fall of the Albatross – Abscission (progressive rock)

Night Verses – From the Gallery of Sleep (progressive metal, post-hardcore)

Pete Lee – The Velvet Rage (jazz fusion)

Shell from Oceanic – How to Let Go (progressive metal, jazz fusion)

Wovette – The Paradise Book (experimental electronic music)

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