Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 3

I, Valiance – I (deathcore)

Zeno Machine – Eleatics (instrumental progressive metal)

Sunday, 4

Graham Young – A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (progressive rock)

Monday, 5

Lac – Vostok (math rock)

Pestilence – Hadeon (progressive death metal)

Reflection Nebula – Loudcloud (ambient post-rock)

Vainoras and the Altar of the Drill – Maim That Tune Slowly… Soothe the Savage Beast (dark/ambient jazz)

Tuesday, 6

ბნელეთი (Bneleti) – ბნელეთი (Bneleti) (experimental black metal)

Good Game – Good Luck Have Fun (tap rock)

Motor Teresa – Motor Teresa (experimental math rock)

Wednesday, 7

I.O – Faith//in Numbers (experimental jazz)

Thursday, 8

Focusrights – Demo (experimental mathcore/mathgrind)

Jerkagram – All Eyes on Me (math rock)

Pie Are Squared – Adriatica (post-rock)

Friday, 9

Conjurer – Mire (post-metal)

Cuzco and Catholics – Split (math rock)

Eryn Non Dae. – Abandon of the Self (post-metal)

Kosmogyr – Eviternity (post-black metal)

Krosis – Solem vatem (technical death metal)

Progger – Dystopia (jazz fusion)

Scamp Camp – Blobsled (instrumental progressive metal)

Submotion Orchestra – Kites (ambient electronic music)

Vastum and Spectral Voice – Split (experimental black metal)

Vox Vocis – Star Meissa (post-hardcore)

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