Théo Ceccaldi’s Freaks – Amanda Dakota

The Music

The Words

Théo Ceccaldi is now a renowned jazz violinist, and he is now at the heads of Freaks, an experimental jazz sextet that bridges jazz-rock with avant-garde pop and Rock in Opposition. Indeed, it sometimes sound like a jazz version of French band PoiL, which is a major plus!

What can you expect from their debut, Amanda Dakota? First of all, a lot of odd themes and harmonies are sown all around the album, and the rhythm section tries to clumsily follow in odd times and bizarre subdivisions. This is something that I like a lot. The songs have many layers, which don’t always seem to agree, and that is really interesting to follow.

On top of that, the many able singers in the group contribute to the compositions, here and there, with cool vocal harmonies of mostly silly lyrics. Although keep in mind that this is a mostly instrumental release; the voices only embellish the experience here and there. Moments like these on “Tchou tchou” are some of the best I’ve heard!

Let yourself be charmed by the Freaks!

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