Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 3

The Arcane Club – Ascension (retrowave)

Sunday, 4

Futurians – LTA (experimental punk)

Käki – Failures and Abstractions (free rock/noise rock)

Monday, 5

Œstre – An zéro (progressive metal)

Prevenge – Void Caller (avant-garde black metal)

Tuesday, 6

Amnutseba – Demo II (experimental black metal)

Thursday, 8

Andreas Scotty Böttcher – 2018 (modern jazz)

The Death Particle – Atoms and Bone (crossover jazz)

Q’uq’umatz – Kukulkan (experimental metal)

Xenoblight – Procreation (blackened technical death metal)

Friday, 9

Aeon Zen – Ephemera: Game of the Year Edition (progressive metal)

The Atlas Moth – Coma Noir (post-metal)

Black Neon District – Standing Waves (progressive metal)

Gnaw Their Tongues – Genocidal Majesty (experimental black metal)

GoGo Penguin – A Humdrum Star (nu jazz)

Good Tiger – We Will All Be Gone (post-hardcore)

Grylle – Mondes vermeils (experimental folk black metal)

Palm – Rock Island (alt pop/indie jazz)

Sky Shadow Obelisk, Djinn and Miskatonic – Split (doom metal)

Snowpoet – Thought You Knew (jazz)

Therion – Beloved Antichrist (symphonic metal)

Waal – Cogitations (atmospheric black metal)

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