Astrakhan – Without New Growth Process Is Bloodshed

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Alright, Vancouver’s progressive stoner metal crew Astrakhan released an album, in 2016, that was already promising, but today we face the repercussions of that promise. Have they delivered? I’m glad to say they do. Without New Growth Process Is Bloodshed is an improvement on all fronts, and possible one of the best progressive stoner albums out there! One comment on bandcamp compares it to a mix of Protest the Hero, Tool, and Mastodon. I’ve got to say that while I see the latter two parts, I have a hard time noticing the similarities with PTH. Heh, do what you want with that! However, I highly suggest you take a jab at this release. The songs are addictive and well-structured, the riffs are fuzzy enough and just plow through without ever looking back, and the vocals are such a perfect fit for the band, it’s almost incredible! It’s unfortunate that Astrakhan will no longer make new music, but they leave a lasting legacy for certain!

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