The Rise of Ockham’s Razor and the Fall of Rationality

Dark times have arrived, the land of infinite beauty which is called music has been clouded by a swarm of simple-minded opportunistic insects, who call themselves the Billboard.

Ockham has never dug his blade so deep in the fields of culture, and from the crowds, some odd ones will rise and defend the beauty of music. Some will call them misfits, and some will call them crazy… Deranged, disturbed, insane…

But I call them heroes.

Those who stand before those who have become blind, or rather deaf, to the truth, to the beauty. Those who relentlessly try to awaken their slumbering souls, put to sleep by the comforting sound of similarity. Those who, despite the bruises, the blood, and the fear, keep believing in the beauty.

The true beauty.

This blog is dedicated to the beauty, the true beauty, the one that still tries to bloom through the cracks of the concrete that is the musical landscape of today.

There is still hope to open the eyes of the blind, let them see the flower that has grown through the crack, just under his feet, and let them smell that flower, and lead them to the road to awe.


On July 13 2012, this entry was posted.