Nunslaughter – Goat

If Satan ever held auditions for a house band, Nunslaughter (that’s Nun Slaughter, not Nun’s Laughter!) would be in the top three finalists.  The long running death metal act has dubbed their music as “Devil Metal” and it’s easy to see why.  Their lyrics make Deicide look like Stryper in comparison, with song titles like “The Guts of Christ”, “Jesus is Doomed”, and “I Hate Christians” pretty much affirming where they stand in regards to the Church.

One interesting thing about the band is the fact that they still use the old school death metal vocal style, not growling but instead using deep, harsh vocals that are actually easy to understand.  This goes a long way in getting their message across and might even make them more accesible to those turned off by the usual death metal growls.  The music itself is also old school death metal but with a nice thrash influence. It’s simple and primitive and that’s the beauty of it.

  Goat is generally considered their masterpiece and it’s easy to see why.  Most of the songs are actually catchy, at least as catchy as evil sounding death metal can be.  The album starts with what sounds like a trip down to the bowels of Hell before launching into a nice, thrashy riff.  From there the album refuses to let up and recalls Slayer’s “Reign in Blood” with the way the songs flow into one another.  The longest song here is just a shade over three minutes, so nothing wears out it’s welcome.  But even with such short run times, the songs feel fully fleshed out.  There are sixteen songs, but no wasted riffs nor a wasted second.  Each song comes in, commands you to bang your head in the name of Satan, and disappears into the night leaving you satisified.  And check out that album cover.  Satan banging away on a goat!This album is truly a classic, one that can be put up against luminaries such as “Once Upon the Cross”, “Bathory”, and “Altars of Madness” without looking out of place.My rating: 5/5