The Perfect Ping, The Ugliest Piece of Music, or Costas Arrays

The video begins with a long but utterly interesting introduction on the matter. In short, this is music written to bear absolutely no repetition and, based on the premise that beauty in music is found in the repetition of motifs – which is an absolutely subjective and arbitrary statement, the ugliest, or less enjoyable, piece of music ever written.

Of course, it has been called like this to catch the attention of the reader, or the listener, because intelligent people are behind this apparently stupid title.

The music in itself is truly amazing, played on a grand piano at the end of the video, the intervals between two notes and the duration between them are unique. There are no two same intervals and note durations between notes that are next to one another.

Avant-garde music people that read this, please incorporate this melody into your own music, and write to us about it!