The Metal of 2017

CTEBCM started mostly thanks to progressive metal. Since then, the scope of the website has widened quite a bit, but there’s undeniably a stronger focus on metal music than any other. Thus, the metal albums of the year post (the one you’re reading right now) will divide the metal releases into various subgenres. Obviously, there is a lot of crossover going on so you might question some of my allotments. Some bands really do fit into more than one broad category, and so I put them in the one I think is most fitting, but you might have a different opinion. So, below are 85 metal albums divided into thirteen categories. Feel free to comment your choices. One last thing before we begin: there are obviously things missing from this list. I am not a perfect net and I can’t consider truly everything that has come out this year. I will never listen to everything that comes out in a given year, and, even amidst those to which I do listen, I forget, I overlook, and my feelings change over time. This, however, is a list I’m rather satisfied with as of now. Hopefully it makes you, once again, discover many great artists!

Black Metal Top 10
1. Jute GyteOviri
2. Siberian Hell Sounds and ConvulsingThe Breath of the Beast and Engraved upon Bleached Bone
3. Der Weg einer FreiheitFinisterre
4. SchammaschThe Maldoror Chants: Hermaphrodite
5. ThantifaxathVoid Masquerading as Matter
6. EschatosMære
7. Voidcraeft and AgonanistIndoctrination of Emptiness
8. Chaos MoonEschaton Mémoire
9. Ignis haereticumAutocognition of Light
10. KralliceGo Be Forgotten

Death Metal Top 10
1. Coma Cluster VoidThoughts from a Stone
2. SutrahDunes
3. ClericRetrocausal
4. Ingurgitating OblivionVision Wallows in Symphonies of Light
5. John FrumA Stirring in the Noos
6. NynEntropy: Of Chaos and Salt
7. AeternamRuins of Empires
8. Obsidian MantraExistential Gravity
9. AltarageEndinghent
10. SunlessUrraca

Doom Metal Top 10
1. EhnahreThe Marrow
2. MudbathBrine Pool
3. Weeping SoresWeeping Sores
4. Big|BraveArdor
5. Sloth HerderNo Pity, No Sunrise
6. OrthodoxΚρέας
7. Spectral VoiceEroded Corridors of Unbeing
8. BereftLands
9. An Empty RoomII
10. Five the HierophantOver Phlegethon

Progressive Metal Top 10
1. Caligula’s HorseIn Contact

2. Others by No OneBook I: Dr. Breacher
3. XanthochroidOf Erthe and Axen
4. DreadnoughtA Wake in Sacred Waves
5. TraunThe Traun Trilogy
6. Cryptic RusePineal Algebra
7. Свентояр (Sventoyar)Ethnix
8. AshenspireSpeak Not of the Laudanum Quandary
9. DreamgraveMonuments, Part 1: The Anxious
10. Michael AveryMichael Avery

Deathcore Top 5
1. Travesty of MankindHematohidrosis
2. GravemindThe Deathgate
3. Shadow of IntentReclaimer
4. AtenaPossessed
5. Reptilian CivilianIt’s Impossible That Reptilians Don’t Exist

Gaze Metal Top 5
1. NullingrootsInto the Grey
2. Planning for BurialBelow the House
3. HuszarProvidencia
4. Wending TideThe Painter
5. PaleDemo

Grind Metal Top 5
1. PsudokuDeep Space Psudokument
2. The Clockwork DeityAn Anthology of Human Sickness
3. GrizzlyReaper
4. FriendshipHatred
5. 怨霊 (Onryō)ムート (Mūto)

Hardcore Top 5
1. The Body and Full of HellAscending a Mountain of Heavy Light
2. Down I GoMortals
3. MorrowFallow
4. HexisXII
5. It’s the Lipstick on Your TeethSkintrade

Mathcore Top 5
1. BisbâyéSynkronyk
2. II II IIFrequency Illusion
3. The Last of LucyAshvattha
4. Brandon SeabrookNeedle Driver
5. Codex ObscuraMiira

Metalcore and Djent Top 5
1. SpiritboxSpiritbox

2. ArphaelArgenesis
3. Everything Is TerribleIntensely Distressed and on the Verge of Mental Collapse
4. The Ancient MentalPhilomath
5. Sleep TokenTwo

Post Top 5
1. LLNN and WovokaMarks and Traces
2. Redshift PilotsMoonlight Synthesis
3. ThotFleuve
4. CharniaHet laatste licht

5. The Burden Remains and The Horns of the Seventh SealTouchstone

Stoner Metal Top 5
1. ElderReflections of a Floating World
2. Taiga WoodsTaiga Woods
3. SeerVolumes 3, 4, and 5
4. Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs PigsFeed the Rats
5. AnacondasGracer and Disgracer

Thrash Metal Top 5
1. VexovoidCall of the Starforger
2. GorodKiss the Freak

3. Plague FatherMisery Ritual
4. SorceryPiss Ripper
5. Cryptic FogStaring through the Veil

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