Monthly Recommendations: December 2017

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Taylor BrookVirtutes occultae

Somewhere between procedural, improvised, and strictly composed, the eighteen parts of this magnum opus take you into the world of overtonality. In a nutshell, this album is played by six virtual pianos, each tuned to a different 11-limit just intonation tuning.


VexovoidCall of the Starforger

Call of the Starforger is great and the flow of riffs is unstoppable, making it a very welcome addition to the not so expansive array of releases of that ilk. With a compelling science-fiction theme and bulls-eye, overexcited riffs, Vexovoid’s debut will put the band’s name on many mouths and ears.


Vincent TouchardClasse moyenne

Classe moyenne is a very relaxed and beautiful jazz album. It’s rather impressive how touching the compositions and playing on the album can be, while staying relatively minimalistic in nature. Throughout more than an hour of playtime, Vincent and his band lay down some of the most touching moments on one outstanding jazz record.


Honourable Mentions
Alex’s Hand – Katatak
Außerwelt – Transitions
The Big Fat Meanies – The Time Has Come…
Eschatos – Mære
Haunts – A Lack of Empathy
Ignis haereticum – Autocognition of Light
Morrow – Fallow
Technopath – Ontology
Travis Orbin – Silly String II

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