The Great Old Ones – Tekeli-Li

It is from France that comes The Great Old Ones, with a black metal, dark sound with post elements which add to the atmosphere of the album, at times reminiscent of Australia’s Ulcerate, with their sheer dissonance.

Everything here is used to give maximum effect: the drums, the guitars, the vocals (either sung or spoken), all placed meticulously to enhance the experience and submerse you in the thick atmosphere of Tekeli-Li. With almost a complete hour of desperate guitar shrieks and screams, spotted with gregorian chants, spoken passages and instrumental ones, the album really feels like a whole and you always feel its calling. Even when it sits on your shelf, it emits some kind of ominous aura to which you will be drawn to, to live its story once again.

Tekeli-Li is a great release, and I am definitely going to check out more from The Great Old Ones! I think you should, too!

On May 29 2014, this entry was posted.