Lee Wanner’s complete discography, Part II: I Totally Scored! Volume 1: H.P. Lovecraft

Enter week 2! This time, Lee went on a totally different road than with last week’s “Kids Today And Their Loud Jazz Music”. I Totally Scored! Volume One was written to accompany theatrical representation of H.P. Lovecraft, and most of the downsides I have to say about this album might come from there. Let’s begin.

I Totally Scored! is a classical, avant-garde, experimental soundtrack to back up performers on stage. Due to its nature – it’s not a symphony, a concerto or an opera – the whole thing has a strong, surrounding atmosphere, but can feel a little underwhelming; I suppose this is up to each one’s tastes, however. All the instrumentation and composition is well executed, and serve their purpose well. I suppose that, in order to get the full effect of the album, you really do need to see the play.

The more experimental side of it comes from the noises used. A lot of sounds were chosen and modified according to each piece’s main subject. For example, in “The Cats Of Ulthar”, the hiss of cats would be stretched to ten times the original length and, based on their internal composition, the piece would be written around them. That’s a real impressive challenge! Another example: in “The Picture In The House”, wind chimes and a bicycle can be heard (among many other references), in order to hint at the elements present in the play, and in the story.

Those are just two examples, representing only a fraction of the work and experimentation that has been put into the score. Listening to it is a truly particular experience, and I suggest doing so with headphones in the dark, or with your eyes closed. I’d suggest going to see the play it’s supposed to back, but I guess that would not apply to 99% of you.

You can get I Totally Scored! Volume One: H.P. Lovecraft on CDbaby and iTunes!

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