The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Week: Kilter – La suspendida

I’ve been a huge fan of the progressive metal band Kilter since their Axiom album back in 2020, and they’ve kept busy with the amazing Sys album and, coming in March, La suspendida. This upcoming album is an experience on a whole other level.

First off, the album is sold as a jazz-metal opera about a woman discovering herself through death, and for this occasion they brought together Folterkammer singer Andromeda Anarchia, the impossibly cool Growlers Choir, and the Seven Suns string quartet, and that’s without mentioning dancers Fanny Coulm and Yutaka Nakata, who are central to the live experience. This is indeed an album that was first and foremost thought of as a live experience, just like operas of old.

Taken from the book “The Story of María Elena and Kilter’s Jazz-Metal Opera La suspendida“, by William Berger:

The music follows the narrative closely, with each composition and arrangement designed to evoke a specific mood and emotion in the audience. […] The collaboration process for La Suspendida was one of experimentation and exploration. Ed Rosenberg III, the bass saxophone player in KILTER, served as the composer/arranger and brought together the various sketches into a cohesive whole. Will Berger, the librettist, provided the lyrics and helped shape the story. Meanwhile, the performers themselves were involved in the creative process, with Andromeda Anarchia bringing her own ideas and interpretations to the character of María Elena.

The project was first started as a Go Fund Me campaign, which has now ended, and the complete album is rolling out next month. Be ready for an incredible experience, because that is such an incredible album.

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