Best of Nu Prog 2021

Let’s move on to nu prog, a genre that is somewhat obsessed with solo musicians and their guitars. Here are the album that I enjoyed the most out of 2021!

Number Five: Dzũng – Dzanca

On Dzanca, Vietnamese guitarist Dzung brings us eleven songs inspired by traditional Vietnamese folk songs. This gives the album a very distinctive feeling and sound, and I’m glad to hear these traditional songs, however transformed!

Number Four: Bodhi – Koans

Bodhi has been at it for some time now, and Koans is there to remind us why: melodies that stick in your mind, guitar … Read more

Divine Realm – Tectum Argenti

a0104658246_10Divine Realm’s Tectum Argenti is a nice mix of melodic prog and djent with some impressive musicianship. While not as heavy as similar bands like Between the Buried and Me or Animals as Leaders, Divine Realm’s debut album still packs quite a punch.

Fronted by Canadian multi-instrumentalist, Leo Diensthuber, Divine Realm which started out as just a one-man band, grew into a full band before this debut full length album, which came out this week on February 23rd.

The album consists of seven meaty tracks, all between 3 and 5 minutes a piece. Not a second seems wasted though, there … Read more

Rings of Saturn’s guitarist working on a solo album! (jazzy content)

Lucas Mann, RoS’ lead guitarist, is apparently now working on a solo album! The thing is, this mann is very, very talented! Let’s check out the demo playthrough he just released for the project:

That sounds really promising! It would be cool to see some more extended techniques on the album, but even now this sounds great!

Apparently, he needs some money for that, so if you can afford it head out to his indiegogo campaign just below.

And… I’m not sure I should put a link to his personal facebook page, so I’ll put a link to his … Read more