How much should I pay for a “pay-what-you-want” album?

Bandcamp has this feature called “pay what you want” which gives the opportunity for bands to put an album, or a track, for free, and to accept donations. That is great for artists because it gives their music a higher probability of being downloaded, thus listened to, and possibly creating new fans! It’s also great for music fans because it lowers the financial burden of being a melomaniac, and allows everyone to listen to more artists they like.

When one wants to support an artist they like, however, there are no guidelines about how much to give! “Am I giving … Read more

DIRT SPAWN DISEASE – ‘Under Indifference’ video available

It’s been quite some years since we‘ve heard of Dirt Spawn Disease and the lack of announcements is unreasonable and discouraging to say the least. It took the band five years for the release of the music video for ‘Under Indifference’ but finally the video is available for our viewing pleasure.

Therefore, I thought I should give a heads-up for this outstanding band, so consider this more of a suggestion than an actual review.

”The self-titled (unreleased) album by the Athens based DSD reeks professionalism and  experimentation, a great combination of slow yet heavy sludge riffs with the complexity and Read more