Vod Working On A New Album!

The doomy gloomy sub-bass metal band vod have begun work on their new album, Dark Souls, which will be a re-interpretation of the video game’s original soundtrack! That’s 29 songs, and more than an hour of material! There’s presently three songs uploaded on bandcamp in “demo” form, that means they will probably get re-mixed before the official release, as well as a teaser present on soundcloud:

You can pre-order the album now on their bandcamp page, until the release date set on January 1st, 2015.… Read more

Soulmass – Despairing Fates

Souls-themed blackened doom metal band Soulmass delivers us, through their indiegogo campaign, their new album, otherwise due October 31st, entitled Despairing Fates. The album is full of great riffs and deep vocals, along with a sense of loss and despair in its oppressing atmosphere.

Bryan and Brett, the two men of the band, wrote lyrics based on the ever more sad and melancholic stories found throughout the games Demon’s Souls, and Dark Souls I and II. This kind of music really is the best to support such lyrical content and emotions, the weight of the … Read more

Put your band’s logo for Dark Souls II’s shield design contest

Hey people! You like hardcore games? You’re a big fan of some band or you are in a band?

If you don’t know Dark Souls, you really should. And since Dark Souls II has been announced, From Software has just released a Shield Design contest on facebook.

I would absolutely love to see an Opeth or Meshuggah shield in the next DS game, but if you have a band you can still do it and put your logo on one of the shields that will be in the game!

Follow this link to access the facebook app.

Cya… Read more