Continuo Renacer – The Great Escape

Imagine Spiral Architect firing their singer and writing a sophomore album, you’d get approximately what Continuo Renacer offers us on The Great Escape.

I got that album in the mail last week and it has since been on repeat. The album is filled with awesome jazzy-fuziony chops and riffs while remaining melodically accessible and not once boring or uninteresting.

Seriously guys, you should all get a copy of this amazing album! So GO HERE!

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Continuo Renacer – The Great Escape

When a band stays this much in your memory, it’s a sign that it’s probably a good band.

A few years back, I was introduced to this band via their still-up-to-date myspace (surprisingly), and the song Tap That Angel struck me because it was not only beautiful, but there was a shitload of musicianship inside it, and all of the other tracks, too!

Next thing I know (like a few hours ago) is that they’ve released an album last autumn. The first thing I did then was to go and buy it via CMD.

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