Continuo Renacer – The Great Escape

When a band stays this much in your memory, it’s a sign that it’s probably a good band.

A few years back, I was introduced to this band via their still-up-to-date myspace (surprisingly), and the song Tap That Angel struck me because it was not only beautiful, but there was a shitload of musicianship inside it, and all of the other tracks, too!

Next thing I know (like a few hours ago) is that they’ve released an album last autumn. The first thing I did then was to go and buy it via CMD.

I’m still waiting for this promisingly awesome release of fusionesque metal with no voice in the way of the instrumentals. But like anything today it’s been uploaded to Youtube for the most part and you can quite illegally listen to it. I’m fine with this, but if you like it, buy it!

I personally love it, it’s great great great!!!

Continuo Renacer on facebook