Shameless Self-Promotion

In order to celebrate the 100th “like” on our facebook page, as I promised I will brag about my own music, with absolutely no concern about all of you :)

First, I am going to talk about my 8bit music.
Why 8bit? you ask : Because it’s easy to make and doesn’t cost a darn thing. Lazy as I am, this is the perfect medium for me!

All of those are FREE, so don’t hesitate on downloading them :D

Prequel is a bunch of older compositions, not all that good, but some are interesting.


I Hate Bits is another bunch of compositions, but those are more recent.

“The Avatar Syndrome” is a song about the thin line between reality and fiction in video gaming.
“Her”, and “Nocturnal Contriver” are two parts of the same story, about a rejected kid in a fictional world, having lust for his mother, and hate for his father (see Oedipus complex).
Finally, “The Pernicious Lophophores of the Unknowable Abiochimera” was a song written based on mathematical concepts; namely the Fibonacci sequence and Collatz conjecture. I let you the pleasure of deciphering it all :)


Human is an album of a totally different style than usual.

The songs were written for a kind of punk-rock band project that begun, but never started. That’s why the songs are simpler, and less technical.
The song titles are four essential things that a human experiences, or suffers: Truth, Hope, Time, and Love.


The Night teaser is exactly what you would expect it to be: a teaser for an upcoming album.


Finally, Ode to the Universe (in three parts) was released just today (!!!), although the compositions were written last year.

On this record, I take the music to its extreme. I will talk more about the songs later.


On another note, Sentient Microwave Undergoing Revolt is a silly electro project. Actually, the songs are the same as on “Ode to the Universe” but with actual sounds, made with Garageband.

“Are We Alone?” is a song I wrote after listening to Dispose of your Optimism by Ever Forthright. Those lyrics stuck in my mind and gave me inspirations to write a song about  one of the most important questions of the third millennium. I have put excerpts of sir Stephen Hawking in a conference he made on the subject.
“Nazi’murica” is a parody dance song I’ve made which is totally undanceable. It features our paranoid friend Dave Mustaine who believes that President Obama staged murders and shootings… *sigh*
“Voids & Filaments” was written based on an older concept entitled XYAX. The background is that an alien abducts a musician from Earth with a keyboard. And, kind of like when the protagonist finds the guitar in 2112 (Rush), he is amazed by the sounds that come out of the instrument. Without having any knowledge of Western music, he goes on to write a song about the universe. And, in the end, the universe is just voids and filaments of galaxy clusters.


Finally, “The Night” is an upcoming song featuring a ton of awesome musicians!
Vishal J Singh (Amogh Symphony), Michael Dafferner (Car Bomb), Spencer Linn and Patrick Jobe (The Odious), Mariel Diaz-Carrion (Look Right Penny), and Matt Tluchowski (Unbodied) are confirmed for playing on the song, and Kyle J Grounds (Time and Tension) is on the programming/mixing part.
I can only say you should be on the lookout for anything new about this project, because it is going to be MASSIVE!
You can stream the complete drum track below, although I am still trying to find a drummer to play and record it legitimately (this is Superior Drummer 2.0)


So! Thank you all for making this blog live, and I’ll catch you next time!
I hope you liked at least some of the music I put here :)

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