Instar – The Ex nihilo Cycle

Instar is a narration-driven progressive metal band based in Austin, Texas. Their debut album, the self-titled Instar EP, came out in January of last year, and was a pretty interesting insight into what the project could become. With their debut full-length coming right around the corner, we get a better glimpse into the promising future of their formula. As for what they currently offer, I’ll be reviewing that right here.

First of all, narration-driven music can’t be good if the narration itself isn’t. In a day and age where the posh British accent is revered amongst many media – just … Read more

Void, Yaeth, Svirfneblin, and Nautilus

Void – The Hollow Man (Duplicate)

Remember Ashenspire and/or Vulture Industries and/or A Forest of Stars? Well, Void is a new name to add to this rather short list of theatrical progressive metal purveyors. The Hollow Man is the British band’s third full-length album, and it’s based on the poem of the same name from Thomas Stearns Eliot. The entire album comes out on January 29, and it’s a great opportunity for anyone who misses the lyrical character and exuberance of acts like those I mentioned before, to which I’d add later Slice the Cake as well, although the … Read more

August in 147 Albums

Thursday, 1 August

Dead Way Englightenment – Störung [EP] (post-black metal)

Kiev, Ukraine

פיי שפירו (Faye Shapiro) – אלף נשיקות (Elef neshikot) [EP] (experimental pop, world fusion)


Zeitgeber – Transforming the Random Crushing Forces of the Universe into Manageable Patterns [EP] (world fusion)

Sydney, Australia
On Art as Catharsis

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Friday, 2

Aaron Myers-Brooks – Energetic Bursts (progressive metal)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Blame God – Power and Control [EP] (grindcore)

New York

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Weekly Release Dump

Friday, 9 August

Anna Pest – The Ocean Calls Me Home [EP] (deathcore, melodic death metal)

Montréal, Québec

The Contortionist – Our Bones [EP] (alternative metal)

Indianapolis, Indiana
On eOne Heavy

David Bruce – The North Wind Was a Woman (contemporary classical)

On Signum

Flexity – Oura (breakcore, chiptune)


Gland – Fun in the Sun [EP] (death metal, deathgrind)

Ottawa, Ontario

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