August in 147 Albums

Thursday, 1 August

Dead Way Englightenment – Störung [EP] (post-black metal)

Kiev, Ukraine

פיי שפירו (Faye Shapiro) – אלף נשיקות (Elef neshikot) [EP] (experimental pop, world fusion)


Zeitgeber – Transforming the Random Crushing Forces of the Universe into Manageable Patterns [EP] (world fusion)

Sydney, Australia
On Art as Catharsis

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Friday, 2

Aaron Myers-Brooks – Energetic Bursts (progressive metal)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Blame God – Power and Control [EP] (grindcore)

New York

Fawn Limbs – Harm Remissions [EP] (mathcore, grindcore)

On Wolves and Vibrancy

I Am the Morning – The Bell (progressive rock)

Sankt Peterburg, Russian Federation

Jeb Bishop, Alex Ward, and Weasel Walter – Flayed (free jazz, noise)

New York, New York
On Ugexplode

Lilly Legit & Chime Garlands – Closure [EP] (modern jazz, math rock)

Osnabrück, Germany

Serration – Ease Yourself Back into Consciousness [EP] (metalcore)


Street Sects – “Gentrification Ⅲ: Death and Displacement” [Single] (experimental hardcore)

Austin, Texas
On The Flenser

Verbian – Jaez (post-metal)

Porto, Portugal

Watercolour Ghosts – Connector [EP] (progressive metal, post-rock)

Perth, Australia

Yoink – Interactome [EP] (progressive rock, math rock)

Brooklyn, New York

Yon – Animalista [EP] (math rock)

Buenos Aires, Argentina
On Anomalía ediciones

Saturday, 3

The Central – Van Dyke Browne’s Crystal [EP] (grindcore, mathcore)

Madison, Wisconsin

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Lukas Mantel Sextet – Vardah (Pre​-​Release #2​/​4) [EP] (jazz fusion, modern jazz)

Zürich, Switzerland
On Double Moon

Sunday, 4

Les damnés de la Terre – Ode à la nature pour le crépuscule de l’humanité (experimental black metal)


Dayum – Ghost of Sparta (technical deathcore)

Vienna, Austria

Francis / Ryan – Orbit’s Aura (avant-garde jazz)

Washington, D.C.
On Topology

Monday, 5

Les Penning & Robert Reed – The Floral Dance [EP] (folk, progressive rock)

Wales, UK
On Tigermoth

SMHT – “ちっちゃなきょうふ (Chitchna kyōfu) / Petite Terror” [Single] (experimental metal, soundtrack)


Wędrowcy / Tułacze / Zbiegi – Marynistyka suchego lądu (experimental black metal, post-punk)

Katowice, Poland

Tuesday, 6

Christian Molenaar & Noah Souza – Aborted Edge (avant-garde jazz, free jazz)

San Diego, California
On Potentially Kinetic

Ken Vandermark – Momentum 4: Consequent Duos 2015>2019 [>320 minutes] (free jazz, free improv)

Chicago, Illinois
On Catalytic-Sound

Mouthbreathr™ – Mouthbreathr™ (avant-garde jazz)

Detroit, Michigan

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Seth Bye & Patrick Lester-Rourke – The Peasant Poet [EP] (folk, free improv)

Birmingham, UK

Wednesday, 7

Rïga – Chaos et félicité (experimental electro, post-rock)

On Not Music

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Santiago Fradejas – Vermin Rodia (contemporary jazz)


Thursday, 8

Afaune – Wiggly Air (math rock)

Compiègne, France

Oxidase Nightmare – Contorting the Infinitiated Forms [EP] (avant-garde grindcore)

San Diego, California
On Apollo’s Crotch

Friday, 9

Anna Pest – The Ocean Calls Me Home [EP] (deathcore, melodic death metal)

Montréal, Québec

The Contortionist – Our Bones [EP] (alternative metal)

Indianapolis, Indiana
On eOne Heavy

David Bruce – The North Wind Was a Woman (contemporary classical)

On Signum

Flexity – Oura (breakcore, chiptune)


Gland – Fun in the Sun [EP] (death metal, deathgrind)

Ottawa, Ontario

Instar – “Brittle Bones” [Single] (progressive metal)

Austin, Texas

The Institute for Navigating the Universal Self – Western Spaghettification [EP] (avant-prog)

San Diego, California
On Three One G

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James William Stamm, George Raillard, Santiago Kodela, Daniel Adams, David Arbury, Bunny Beck, and Jan Järvlepp – Patterns: Chamber Works (contemporary classical)

Dublin, Ireland
On Navona

Naked Eye Ensemble & Ju-Ping Song – Toy (contemporary classical)

New York, New York
On New Focus

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OA/E? – Kaamos (experimental electro)

Annecy, France

Richard Henshall – The Cocoon (progressive metal)

On Inside Out

Strung Out – Songs of Armor and Devotion (punk, melodic hardcore)

On Fat Wreck Chords

Toboggan – Démo sans mot [EP] (avant-prog, noise rock)

Clermont Ferrand, France

Unprocessed – Artificial Void (progressive metalcore, djent)

Wiesbaden, Germany
On Long Branch

William Covert – Revisioned Modulations of Synthesizer and Drums [EP] (eperimental drum and bass)

Chicago, Illinois
On Coup sur coup

A World Wondered Full – ประเทศของคุณอยู่ในงานศพมานานแล้ว (Pratheṣ̄ k̄hxng khuṇ xyū̀ nı ngān ṣ̄ph mā nān læ̂w) (experimental post-rock, world fusion)

Mueang Chiang Rai, Thailand

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Zadarpadov – Fringe Spontaneous Architecture (experimental rock, free rock)


Saturday, 10

Panic Error – That Obscure Object of Desire, Part I [EP] (darkwave)


Sleep Terror – Abreaction [EP] (technical death metal)

Seattle, Washington

Sunday, 11

All Is Violent – Cartographers of Human Purpose [EP] (post-metal)

Melbourne, Australia

Monday, 12

Ferran Fages & Vasco Trilla – Gestell (free improv, avant-garde jazz)

London, UK
On Raw Tonk

Pierre Vervloesem Featuring Morgan Ågren – Artiste international (jazz fusion, progressive rock)


Tuesday, 13

Arnaud Bukwald – La marmite cosmique V (progressive rock)


Wednesday, 14

Human Tide – Reverence for the Lord (harsh noise, power electronics)

United States

Vishal J. Singh – Everything Retro! [EP] (retrowave)

Mumbai, India

Thursday, 15

Alcahest Ensemble – Melting Pot (avant-garde jazz, free improv)

Moscow, Russia
On Utopia

Cloudkicker – Unending [EP] (post-metal)

Columbus, Ohio

Lascavx – Summer Ghost [EP] (math rock)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

New Age Doom – New Age Doom (experimental drone metal, free jazz)

Vancouver, British Columbia

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Friday, 16

Andrew Conklin – Field Reports [EP] (contemporary classical)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
On New Focus

Ben Hedquist – The Mists of Uncertainty (experimental jazz)

Phoenix, Arizona

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Cíntia – Officially Bombating @B​.​leza [EP] (jazz fusion, progressive rock)

Lisbon, Portugal

Circuitry – Switch [EP] (progressive metalcore)

Long Branch, New Jersey

Emilio Gordoa, Josten Myburgh, and Adam Pultz-Melbye / Matthias Müller & Myburgh – Berlin Split [Split] (experimental jazz, free improv)

Perth, Australia
On Tone List

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard – Infest the Rats’ Nest (psychedelic rock)

Melbourne, Australia
On Flightless

Lisbon String Trio & Rodrigo Pinheiro – Rhetorica (free jazz, free improv)

Lisbon, Portugal

Michael Avery – Solar [EP] (progressive metal)

Boston, Massachusetts

Moron Police – A Boat on the Sea (alternative rock, progressive rock)


Oxx – The Skeleton Is Just a Coat Hanger; These Are the Black Strings that Make You Dance [EP] (mathcore, noise rock)

Aarhus, Denmark
On Nefarious Industries

Pijn & Conjurer – Curse These Metal Hands (post-rock, post-metal)

Manchester, UK
On Holy Roar

Psychic Graveyard – The Next World [EP] (experimental rock)

St. Louis, Missouri
On Skin Graft

Regional Justice Center – Institution [EP] (powerviolence)

Seattle, Washington

Rob Mazurek – Desert Encrypts, Volume 1 (experimental jazz, free jazz)

Marfa, Texas
On Astral Spirits

Shadow of Intent – Melancholy (technical deathcore)


Trance Map + – Crepuscule in Nickelsdorf (modern jazz, experimental jazz)

Zurich, Switzerland
On Intakt

Uniform & The Body – Everything that Dies Someday Comes Back (noise metal)

United States
On Sacred Bones

Saturday, 17

El segundo es terrible – Reiki y plusvalía [EP] (free improv)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Monday, 19

Alex Dias & Victor Vieira-Branco – Três peças [EP] (free jazz)

São Paulo, Brazil

Ill Considered – 8 (spiritual jazz)

London, UK

萨杩格 (Sà mà gé) / Samaga – 甜苦木 (Tián kǔ mù) / Sweet & Bitter (world fusion)

Beijing, China

Сольвычегодск (Solʹvyčegodsk) – Научу драться (Nauču dratʹsja) [EP] (experimental jazz, free jazz)


Tuesday, 20

Carl Gene – Songs of Mourning (slowcore, doom)

Baltimore, Maryland

Wednesday, 21

The Bad Plus – Never Stop Ⅱ (modern jazz, nu jazz)

New York, New York
On Edition

Call Us Колос (Call Us Kolos) – Баланс (Balans) [EP] (post-rock, math rock)

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Sleeping in Traffic – “Exoplanets” [Single] (progressive metal)

Edmonton, Alberta

U Circle Breakers – Música para un pez descalzo (contemporary classical, jazz fusion, progressive rock)

On Puerto

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Thursday, 22

Collector – Post Rock Lately (experimental jazz, free jazz)

Chicago, Illinois
On Scribbled Fang

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Shwesmo – “Adrift” [Single] (progressive electro, djent)

New York, New York

Tjalling – A Self Repressed Lie (experimental rock, post-hardcore)

Eindhoven, Netherlands
On Sky Lantern

Friday, 23

Alexander Noice – Noice (experimental pop, math rock, jazz fusion)

Los Angeles, California
On Orenda

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The Big Yes! – The Big Yes! (experimental jazz, free jazz)

Oslo, Norway
On Nakama

The Coup – Steal This Double Album [Rerelease] (hip-hop, nu-jazz)

Nesconset, New York
On Rock Francis

Emmett Elvin – The End of Music (progressive rock, jazz fusion)

London, UK
On Bad Elephant Music

Eternal Storm – Come the Tide (progressive death metal)

Madrid, Spain
On Transcending Obscurity

Hide – Hell Is Here (darkwave, industrial)

Chicago, Illinois
On Dais

Infinity Shred – Forever, a Fast Life (post-rock, synthwave)

New York, New York

Jessica Ackerley – A New Kind of Water (avant-garde jazz)

New York, New York

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John Zorn – Encomia (contemporary classical)

New York, New York
On Tzadik

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Jordan Nobles – Infinity Mirror (contemporary classical)

Vancouver, British Columbia
On Redshift Music

Meth. – Mother of Red Light (grindcore, powerviolence)

Chicago, Illinois
On Prosthetic

MoE – La bufa (noise rock)

Oslo, Norway

Nikolaus Neuser & Carlos Quebrada – Toxicodendron radicans (experimental jazz, free jazz)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Queen of Jeans – If You’re Not Afraid, I’m Not Afraid (indie pop)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
On Topshelf

Sfyria Trio – Rockefeller Concert (free improv)

Chicago, Illinois
On Astral Spirits

The Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States – Volume 28 (avant-garde, electro-acoustic)

New York, New York
On New Focus

Susan Alcorn, Joe McPhee, and Ken Vandermark – Invitation to a Dream (free jazz, free improv)

Austin, Texas
On Astral Spirits

Tropical Fuck Storm – Braindrops (noise rock, punk pop)

Melbourne, Australia
On Joyful Noise

Wrvth – No Rising Sun (progressive death metal, post-metal)

Naples, Florida
On Unique Leader

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Saturday, 24

Bodhi – Spirit Animal [EP] (progressive metal, nu prog)

Lafayette, Indiana

Eli Litwin – It Was All He Could Do (avant-garde jazz, experimental metal)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sunday, 25

Sacred Son – Arthurian Catacombs (black metal)

London, UK

Wojciech Golczewski – Eraser Children [EP] (synthwave, soundtrack)

Poznań, Poland
On Data Airlines

Wojciech Golczewski – The Priests of Hiroshima (synthwave)

Poznań, Poland
On Data Airlines

Tuesday, 27

Car Made of Glass – Refraction, Volume 1 (avant-garde, experimental)

Worswick, California
On List of Lakes

Goura – Death Crowns [EP] (post-hardcore)

New Orleans, Louisiana

Omnibeing – Polytheria (progressive metal)

Minsk, Belarus

Wednesday, 28

Ironbunny – 鉄槌のオルタナティブ (Tettsui no orutanatibu) (idol metal)

On P.H. Methods

Key West with Achilles Polychronidis – Key West with Achilles Polychronidis (free jazz, noise)

Petaluma, California

Wild Cat Strike – The Blood Orange Sessions [EP] (folk, indie rock)

Brighton, UK
On Small Pond

Thursday, 29

Key West – Songbag [EP] (free jazz, noise)

Petaluma, California

Friday, 30

Alex Hahn – New Flight (jazz fusion, modern jazz)

Los Angeles, California

Big Dead – Bone White Branches (post-rock, alternative)

Brisbane, Australia
On Art as Catharsis

Blosse / Aster Wreath – Stranded [Split] (avant-garde black metal)

Montréal / Saint Paul, Québec / Minnessota
On Fólkvangr

Dal Sasso Big Band – The Palmer Suite (jazz fusion, big band)

Paris, France
On Jazz & People

The Fifth Alliance – The Depth of the Darkness (post-metal, doom metal)

Breda, Netherlands
On Burning World

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Fire-Toolz – Field Whispers (into the Crystal Palace) (experimental electro)

United States
On Orange Milk

G. S. Sultan – Jeremy (experimental electro)

Los Angeles, California
On Mondoj

Kevin Hays & Lionel Loueke – Hope (modern jazz)

New York, New York
On Edition

Kid Millions & Sarah Bernstein – Broken Fall (noise, avant-garde metal)

Brooklyn, New York
On 577

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Kielo Ilona – Kiireen kehtolaulu (indie rock, folk)

On Eclipse Music Official Store

Lingua nada – Djinn (noise rock)

Leipzig, Germany

Louis de Mieulle – Side​show (jazz fusion)

New York, New York

Magic Pie – Fragments of the 5th Element (progressive rock)

Moss, Norway
On Karisma & Dark Essence

Michael Leonhart Orchestra – Suite Extracts, Volume 1 (modern jazz, jazz fusion)

New York, New York
On Sunnyside

Nathalie Joachim – Fanm d’Ayiti (folk, jazz)

Brooklyn, New York
On New Amsterdam

Oum – Daba (world fusion)

On Music Development Company

Pharmakon – Devour (experimental electro, hardcore)

New York, New York
On Sacred Bones

Portrayal of Guilt – Suffering Is a Gift (post-hardcore)

On Closed Casket Activities

Shards – Find Sound (synthwave, choir)

London, UK
On Erased Tapes

The Side Eye – Broken Telephone (avant-garde jazz, noise)

Toronto, Ontario
On Arachnidiscs

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Širom – A Universe that Roasts Blossoms for a Horse (experimental folk)

On Glitterbeat

Steve Lehman Trio & Craig Taborn – The People I Love (avant-garde jazz)

New York, New York
On Pi

Tenesha the Wordsmith – Peacocks and Other Savage Beasts (jazz fusion, poetry slam)

Oakland, California
On On the Corner

Tool – Fear Inoculum (progressive metal)

Los Angeles, California
On Volcano

Zwitschermaschine – System for Us (free improv)

On Why Play Jazz

Saturday, 31 August

Low Kick Collective – Exhale (experimental jazz)


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