Review: Vetha – Rancid Or Acid

Listening to noise-sludge and microtonal Middle-Eastern folk-rave-metal songs, although infinitely entertaining and awesome, definitely can fatigue your ears and brains. So, let’s talk about a more standard metal album for once. But it’s a good one… And an independent slash underground band, so… that fits us pretty well still!

Vetha is a French trio playing as a quatuor (the guitarist and drummer recorded the bass on the album) groove metal band. Musically, it draws inspiration certainly from Pantera and the likes, and perhaps some more recent groove metal like some of the harder-hitting Periphery songs, or from bands like Fractals who take only the balls-to-the-wall side of djent. There’s a certain dose of post-metal in there too, so they possibly listened to some ISIS during their life and it osmosed into their music, which is always a welcomed touch to have! Finally, there might also be a bit of stoner metal in there. In the end, it really is some great groove metal with huge riffs and supplemented by a few “odd” moments. Odd in the sense that they are rarely seen within the genre, and that it’s a cool thing to see there (look at the song Hammersmith for some of that).

It’s a damn shame that these guys don’t have a massive crowd following them wherever they go, because they make some quality stuff! It’s nothing too out of the ordinary, but just enough so that they have their own identity in their sound. And that usually adds up to a popular band! Well, I’ll do my honest share and recommend you check out the album, because you’ll probably like it!